I’ve been told that I have morbid interests…

Ok, sure. I’ll give you that. My taste for all things strange and unusual started as a kid, and thankfully my dad nurtured my weirdness, instead of trying to make me “NORMAL”. Seriously, I will always be grateful for that, and I tried to do the same thing with my son. We’re fuckin’ awesome people, too! Sure, we might tell an inappropriate joke at a funeral, but you know what… I bet that deep down, you laughed at it.

I’m betting my browser history will be hilarious to check out at some point, and that is how I assume most horror/extreme horror author’s browser histories look as well – unusual to say the very least.

You’ll understand the pic more soon. Til then – ‘Look into my eyes…’

All of these thoughts were going through my head because I just ran across a GREAT video on YouTube! MORTICIAN ANSWERS DEAD BODY QUESTIONS FROM TWITTER and within the first two minutes, (I checked, I already knew I’d be sharing it that early in!), I learned something so interesting, and I’m stuck wondering – how am I ‘today’ years old, and JUST hearing of this?! With as much strange & unusual, to all the way sick & demented, knowledge that I do have, how did this one little nugget pass me by? And, if I didn’t know it, then no one has written about it…or I’d know it, see?

It’s not the practice, I know all about setting the features on a body, and little details about sewing things closed so they don’t pop open at inappropriate times, but there is a new… ‘device’, or possibly it’s a tool, it’s an implement! Ok! There is a new implement that morticians can use to help make their jobs easier (?), more interesting (for sure), and more efficient. At first I’m like “😗¹ ooooo, that’s interesting, I bet that DOES work better…” yadda yadda. But, me being me, I start thinking about what it could do if used for nefarious purposes. It’s nothing huge, this would be equal to trying to kill someone with that tiny knife in the Clue board game 🔪

It’s about torture, I suppose. Petty torments.

Those have been on my mind a ton recently anyway, with the Dark Defender showing his true colors, and spending his nights at the Scarlet Cockgobbler’s secret Herpe Hideaway. Those little things they do, purposely, to fuck with you. It falls under gaslighting. Bringing these things up, these petty torments, or trying to tell someone makes us look and sound crazy emotional, and hyper sensitive, and the emotional terrorist once again walks away with not a care in the world…

I apologize. But this is how writing something has always worked for me. Today we’re a little all over the road, but arriving at the same destination eventually. Under other circumstances, I’d have taken that out on the 42nd edit. But I’m working through something.

– Detour Ends –

The mortician in this video seems pretty chill. With a little of that ‘nerdy cool’ going on, he explains things without dumbing them down, and with a bit of that morticians wit that makes them human.

I’m going to look this guy up while you check out the video. The main reason I shared is in the first two minutes, but the entire thing is pretty interesting. SHARE YOUR FIRST THOUGHTS! Drop me a note in the comments and tell me your initial reaction, or what you could do with something so pokey, or even just let me know if you knew these were a thing! Maybe I’m late to the game…

Well at least my normal sign off feels fitting here today, hahaha, ew! Stay safe, guys. Stay healthy.

¹ 😗 – I’ve repurposed the little kissy face into my “Oooo” face, cuz I do that more anyway, and it needs an emoji. Not to be confused with my ”O” face, which looks like dis 🥴

The link to the original YouTube video embedded

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Rayne Havok’s Birthday Book

LOST SOUL is Available exclusively on Godless

Rayne published Lost Soul on December 31st, (her birthday), so it’s only fitting that since I didn’t get to read it on her birthday, I read it for my birthday! Well, my birthday is tomorrow, so…

A Godless exclusive.

May, drowning in her depression, and desperate for the end, decides that it’s time to let go.

May: “On what was supposed to be my last day alive, I finally found a reason to want to live. But if I wanted to save my soul, I’d have to die for it.”


I feel for May right now, let me tell ya. How heavy everything is in the morning, so hard to move, and already pissed off because you woke up at all. But, for her, a reason to stay sweeps in right before the final credits roll. Did it though? Is there time for her to face her demons before the screen fades to black? That’s what you’re going to find out when you scoop up your copy of LOST SOUL @


This is a really great story, and a side of Rayne I’ve never read before. I’m not surprised – not at all. I’m excited to see what else may be hiding under all that blood, viscera, and revenge. She does have a little something to say for everyone who reads it though…

‘For first time readers, please know that this is not my normal genre of writing and read the others with caution.’

Rayne Havok
(Super Depressed is like regular depressed, but I get to wear this nifty cape.)

Until next time boys & girls …

✌️, 🖤 & 😷


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Dani Brown – The Queen of Filth

If you ask her really nicely, maybe she’ll show you her tattoo of Sparky the Spunky Robot

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dreams die in sheds in Suburban Hell, traded for garden decorations so the neighbours can see how well everyone conforms. Matthew was a popstar, once. His band went on and made it without him, so now every night he goes to the shed to jerk off over his keytar, the one Karen wants him to give up so that she can get higher-tier garden decorations. But too much semen could break his beloved instrument, so Matthew builds Sparky, a robot that takes his cum.

One night, Sparky comes to life, but soon discovers he has no voice. And why would he? Matthew built him to swallow spunk, not to speak. Left in the shed after he serves his purpose, Sparky sets out on a journey to find a voice. Along the way he meets Sandy, a robot like him, only Sandy is powered by a different man, an evil man. Together, Sparky and Sandy scour every inch of their neighbourhood, breaking into nearby garden sheds, exposing the neighbours, all in search of a voice for Sparky the Spunky Robot.


Since Dani about killed me (but in a good way!) with MY LOVELY WIFE, and MIDDLE AGED RAE OF FUCKING SUNSHINE, I’m going to yell you about one of her books that is way tamer, and didn’t make me gag once! 😂

Dani wrote about the first ‘Karen‘ before ‘Karen’ was a thing, and she is quite the biotch of the story, let me tell ya. She is everything that a Karen is, and more. This Karen is a dream killer, slowly turning Matthew into a cuck, all the while trying to out-do the Jones’ in a neighborhood out of an Ira Levin fever dream.

I can’t really describe more than the synopsis already has, but once Sparky comes to life he has his own opinions about Karen, but has no voice to share them. Sparky searches the neighborhood, and everyone’s shed of sins, and broken dreams – (it helps to keep the rest of the neighborhood appear bright & shiney), to find his voice, and learns a lot along the way. Sounds like a fairy tale almost, doesn’t it? Wicked Witch of a wife, a quest to find a sacred object, a romance, and a possible happily ever after (I’m not saying anything, they could all blow the fuck up, you don’t know!) So it’s like a fairy tale – just with lots and lots of cum!

I gotta say – I loved this story! Dani has a lot more for me to explore, so keep an eye out! Her book THE SCRATCHING POST in the FUCKING SCUMBAGS BURN IN HELL series from Godless is awesome – (I decided to review the entire series as one post, and it will be posted very soon).

Suitably labelled “The Queen of Filth”, extremist author Dani Brown’s style of dark and twisted writing and deeply disturbing stories has amassed a worrying sized cult following. Merging eroticism with horror, torture and other areas that most authors wouldn’t dare, each of Dani’s titles will crawl under your skin, burrow inside you, and make you question why you are coming back for more.

Connect with Dani Brown via her LinkTree


Happy New Year!

Here’s to hoping you guys never change either! (Unless you want to.)

What are Splatter Westerns? (and Where to Read Them)

I found this posted on MeltdownMessiah’s (Nikolas P. Robinson) page, originally posted on, and this is a Must Read! Everything you need to know about Splatter Westerns, and some great recommendations.

Weird West Fiction

Good news for fans of gory horror and pulpy Westerns: Splatter Westerns are here! This subgenre takes elements of “splatter horror” and mixes them with the Old West genre to portray worlds of blood-drenched violence, sometimes with supernatural elements. These tales often feature antiheroes who leave a trail of bodies behind them–and whose exploits you just can’t tear your eyes from.

First: what is Splatter Horror?

This type of horror, originating as a cinematic subtype, leans heavily into graphic and explicit violence and gore (think “splattering” blood and guts) to disturb the audience. Splatter horror shocks and disturbs more viscerally than other types of horror, often to highlight how vulnerable we are in a brutal world.

If this sounds like your cup of tea–and if you love the Old West aesthetic–read on for where to find the top Splatter Western stories.

Where do I read Splatter Westerns?


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We’re You A Good FanGirl or Boy This Year?

Because good fangirls & fanboys follow the object of their latest restraining order on social media, and subscribe to their newsletters. If you’ve been very good, you might have received this beauty from Ash Ericmore –

It Is His Gift to Us, The Readers

Well, At Least To Us Cool Ones 😎

You can try to be naughty and subscribe now, better late than never, right? Or… What if it’s too naughty and you end up in next year’s book?!

This really is a awesome surprise, and the story itself is particularly brutal. And, Holy Snowballs, I did not expect that ending!!

That’s all you get from me. Except for one last little poke at ya, just to be festive… If you don’t find a way to get your peepers on a copy of your own, you’ll be missing out on the greatest opening line since once T’was The Night Before Christmas! (Ash, that is truly awesome, high five! 🖐️)


I think that deserves a 10 Christmas Tree rating, because it’s my site, and I’ll do what I want 😜 Hahaha!! Until next post – stay safe, stay healthy, and stay on Santa’s Nice List!

P, L & N 💋


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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Or you could just get me a book.


Christmas really pisses her off, haha!

The Bloody Book Blogger


More Horrific Holiday Fun from Angel Gelique


Lou Reilly grew up in a strict, oppressive environment, raised by zealous religious parents who merely wanted to protect him from the sinners of the world. Sheltered to the point of isolation, Lou is unprepared to fend for himself when his parents pass away.

Bullied and tormented at his new place of employment, Lou starts suspecting that his parents were right to shield him from such harsh and hateful people. Just as Lou begins to befriend a colleague who vows to help improve his life, he is put to the ultimate test of faith. All seems hopeless.

But he won’t let the sinners win. He won’t burn in hell as his parents have warned.

Lou will make things right….

Warning: For Mature Readers (18+) Only

The Season of Giving wasn’t allhorrific holiday fun – it kind of bummed…

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Christmas Shopping by Angel Gelique

I love revisiting some of the past holiday horrors!

The Bloody Book Blogger

A tale of Christmas mayhem…


All Jilly Carson wanted to do was get a little Christmas shopping done with her best friend, Peyton. But when Peyton can’t meet her at the mall, Jilly finds herself feeling anxious and alone as her mother’s cautionary words echo in her head:
“Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t put yourself in that position again. You remember what happened last time….”
When a tall, blonde-haired stranger begins to stalk her, Jilly does everything she can to avoid him.
Feeling scared and vulnerable, she finally decides to leave the mall.
But the blonde-haired man won’t let her flee quite so easily….

Download a little bit of horrific holiday fun from Angel Gelique this season and help prepare yourself for the joys of shopping – the crowds… the Christmas music… people in general… ugh! Shoot me now! 

17 year old Jilly Carson just wants to get a little shopping…

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