William Cook’s New Release, #Free #Book + Subscription Offer

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I’m so excited! Check out BLOOD RELATED –

New Release, #Free #Book + Subscription Offer.


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Mikhail Lerma is celebrating the release of the third and final book of his Z PLAN series with an online party! There will be contests, games, and prizes from him and other authors. You won’t want to miss out!

Join the event!

Haven’t read the first two books in the series yet? You can check them out here…



Matt Shaw’s ‘HAPPY EVER AFTER’ is becoming a feature film!

Published July 7, 2015 by Shadow Girl


Check out the HEA Kickstarter page

Help bring Peter to the screen – PLEASE!


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Enter to win one of two autographed sets of Scott M. Baker, Author’s Rotter series!!

How to Enter
Go Scott Baker’s Facebook page and, if you haven’t already, like it.

Go to the ZF website and answer the following scenario question: Stay or GO???

Scenario: You survived the zombie apocalypse and now live in a large compound that is well stocked and well-defended. A scientist shows up at your compound and says he has a vaccine for the zombie virus that will give the survivors the ability to immunize themselves against zombie bites and allow them to wage war against the living dead. However, it is in an underground military bunker five hundred miles away, and the chances of retrieving the vaccine and getting it to the right people are minimal.
Question: Do you take the risk in the slim hope that what is left of the world can be saved, or do you stay where you are and ride out the apocalypse from the safety of your compound?

Contest ends at Midnight on July 11. 2015!

CYP Contest Winners!

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What is Zombie Punk?

Published June 11, 2015 by Shadow Girl

Shadow Girl:

Move over Splatterpunk, you’re getting a new neighbor! #ZombiePunk

Originally posted on zombiepunkfiction:

William Gibson helped make Cyberpunk a household word in the Eighties. One could argue that HG Wells and Jules Verne created the idea of Steampunk in the late eighteen hundreds. In both these cases the concept that something is ‘punked’ equates to taking a paradigm of thought and tilting it on its axis. They are and were using the mainstream and making it extraordinary.

Cyber Eye

To ‘punk’ something is taking whatever you have and not just making it work for you, but moving your resources fifty times beyond what anyone would have thought possible and a hundred times what people thought you would be capable of.


Punk Rock itself is an example of this. These mostly dirt poor kids banded together to create music and reinvent how people look at the world. Punk Rockers set the stage of the internet. They were the first to move past monopolies and money and…

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Enter to Win! Autographed set of James Schannep’s Click Your Poison books

Published June 5, 2015 by Shadow Girl

YOUR fantasy world awaits…

If you could choose an adventure, where would you go?

Enter to win amazing prizes simply by telling us here what YOUR fantasy adventure is and liking CYP on Facebook.

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Grand Prize: Autographed set of James Schannep’s Click Your Poison books

First Prize: A cameo in James Schannep’s next Click Your Poison and CYP/ZF swag

Second Prize: Autographed CYP book of your choice

Third Prize: Complete set of CYP ebooks

Fourth Prize: Click Your Poison & Zombie Fiend swag!

Simple Contest Rules:

Visit the CYP Contest Page on Zombie Fiend

Contest ends June 13, 2015 at midnight

Enter to win by responding to the discussion on the ZF CYP Contest Page with your fantasy adventure.

Like James Schannep’s Click Your Poison Facebook page


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