What are Splatter Westerns? (and Where to Read Them)

I found this posted on MeltdownMessiah’s (Nikolas P. Robinson) page, originally posted on, and this is a Must Read! Everything you need to know about Splatter Westerns, and some great recommendations.

Weird West Fiction

Good news for fans of gory horror and pulpy Westerns: Splatter Westerns are here! This subgenre takes elements of “splatter horror” and mixes them with the Old West genre to portray worlds of blood-drenched violence, sometimes with supernatural elements. These tales often feature antiheroes who leave a trail of bodies behind them–and whose exploits you just can’t tear your eyes from.

First: what is Splatter Horror?

This type of horror, originating as a cinematic subtype, leans heavily into graphic and explicit violence and gore (think “splattering” blood and guts) to disturb the audience. Splatter horror shocks and disturbs more viscerally than other types of horror, often to highlight how vulnerable we are in a brutal world.

If this sounds like your cup of tea–and if you love the Old West aesthetic–read on for where to find the top Splatter Western stories.

Where do I read Splatter Westerns?


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