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We’re You A Good FanGirl or Boy This Year?

Because good fangirls & fanboys follow the object of their latest restraining order on social media, and subscribe to their newsletters. If you’ve been very good, you might have received this beauty from Ash Ericmore –

It Is His Gift to Us, The Readers

Well, At Least To Us Cool Ones 😎

You can try to be naughty and subscribe now, better late than never, right? Or… What if it’s too naughty and you end up in next year’s book?!

This really is a awesome surprise, and the story itself is particularly brutal. And, Holy Snowballs, I did not expect that ending!!

That’s all you get from me. Except for one last little poke at ya, just to be festive… If you don’t find a way to get your peepers on a copy of your own, you’ll be missing out on the greatest opening line since once T’was The Night Before Christmas! (Ash, that is truly awesome, high five! πŸ–οΈ)


I think that deserves a 10 Christmas Tree rating, because it’s my site, and I’ll do what I want 😜 Hahaha!! Until next post – stay safe, stay healthy, and stay on Santa’s Nice List!

P, L & N πŸ’‹


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#HumorousHolidayHorrors ~ Feed me, Seymour!

Who wants cookies and milk if you can have flies and blood?!

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Christmas Night of the Living Dead by Bill Robertson

51YEqdRgEUL._SL110_Christmas Night of the Living Dead by Bill Robertson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s hard to discuss short stories without posting any spoilers, and without repeating the books synopsis. Hard, but not impossible.
This was a cute and quick holiday zombie tale. The author, Bill Robertson, came up with some great names for the elves!
Curl up with it before the end of the season.

After the deliveries are put behind them, and the season is officially over, the whole gang meets back up to celebrate at their annual end of the season party. And party they do! The egg nog moves them from happy to jolly in no time. Flirty co-workers & alcohol lead to one couple sneaking off for some rumpy-pumpy in a barn stall, other friends comparing the nights war wounds, and another elf being permanently friend-zoned. The party rushes forward as they drink to celebrate, toast, or forget, until they’re passed out.
On the morning after, Santa’s little hungover helpers awake to find blood everywhere, and the ground littered with pieces of their friends and some remaining parts of the reindeer. The North Pole is over-run with zombie elves due to a bite received while in South America.
Two survivors fight to stay alive, and look for Santa, to ensure there will be a Christmas next year.

Book Reviews Fiction Holiday Horror Horror Short Story Zombies


By Anthony Renfro
It’s the first Christmas since the zombie invasion. You’d be pretty pissed, too, if you were trying to retain some of your Holiday Spirit and the damn zombies kept coming up and trying to eat your fake Santa, Elves, Reindeer, Frosty, and the rest! Your not stupid. Nothing is animated or lit up. Nothing playing music to attract attention. But, they still keep coming! Ooo… these ones are smart! They rang the doorbell and pretended to be Carolers! Now they’re grunting some macabre version of Jingle Bells. Isn’t that cute. Kill them or leave them be? It would be easier to decide if you could quit laughing!

Mike, Fred, and Jim, are not going to disappoint the neighborhood kids. They are going to wake up Christmas morning with gifts, and they will know that the Zombies did not steal Christmas from them! They’ll also think that Santa is one Bad Ass Zombie Killing Machine!

There is a plan in place, each of the men has a job to do. Mike has been planning this since September, and his planning made things a million times easier. The men did their duties together, then split up to finish their tasks. Each mans story ends about the same. What these men did to save Christmas for their neighborhood is truely a heartwarming tale.

This short story is about togetherness & Christmas miracles…and what we can accomplish if we put our hearts & minds to it!

Book Reviews Fiction Holiday Horror Horror Zombies

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS SANTA IS YOU: A Zombie Childrens Book By Alan Gandy

By Alan Gandy
I really like Alan’s ‘children’s books for adults’.
The illustrations are beautifully done, and this book has a rhyming scheme like Book 2 in the My Little Brother Is A Zombie series. I recently said “I can pick a ‘Gandy Ass’ out of a line-up! When you see his artwork – I’m sure you’ll agree.
The book features Kyle McKay, also from the My Little Brother Is A Zombie series. (And, did I see a young Dracula in the first couple pages?) Kyle only has one wish this Christmas. Not toys or new shoes… he only wants to meet Santa Claus! Will this meeting be the end of the holiday season forever?
Keep your eyes peeled for my reviews on Kyle McKay in the ‘My Little Brother Is A Zombie’ series. AND, Alan has also agreed to an interview! If you have any questions, post them in the comments, or email them to me, before the end of the month.