#BleedingMemes Gallery

What are they?

Just some kick-ass quotes that I love, with some fun editing behind them! (No authors have given permission, I’m just having fun!)

This is actually #BleedingMemesReloaded

I’m going to add the first round here, too, but now I’d like to tweak a few first. You can still check out the first gallery in the footer.

Click in any pic to view full size, see details, and scroll through the gallery image by image. This is a new editing layout I’m trying here on WP, too. The gallery might change a few times, and I’ll have the bugs worked out and everything looking how I want it eventually, but I’ll be adding new quotes along the way! Keep checking back, and please talk to me in the comments! How does everything look so far? Any suggestions? Got a quote that would fit in? Tell me!

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