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Welcome Back To B³

I’ll Be Your Tour Guide, I’m Shadow Girl‘ – ‘The Bloody Book Bogger’.

Please bear with me as I try to transition to an adultier, and more professional looking layout. Don’t worry – content stays the same, no one can MAKE me grow up, they can only encourage me to play dress-up. Just an FYI for you guys, I’m always asking that you to switch to ‘Desktop View’ when you’re here, just so you see how I wanted it to look (before going all generic cell phone blue), but now it’s for more than just aesthetics, especially on this new Front Page. At least till I get the links & kinks worked out. If you spot errors, or think something would look better done differently, please speak up! Post in the comments, HMU on social media, email me, text me, or send up the signal.

Book Reviews

I get to review HORROR in all of it’s wonderfully decedent forms , and sub-genres – Comedy Horror, Extreme Horror and Splatterpunk, Gothic, Paranormal & Supernatural, Horrotica / Erotic Horror, and I’m not above reading YA, or teen horror. I have to say… I’m really over the zombies. They’re the herpes of horror, and they’re here for life. Where were we… We still have Body Horror, Religious & Satanic horrors, Psychological, and ‘Human Horrors’ – coined by Jon Athan, and loosely defined as ‘the fucked up shit people do to each other‘. That’s my favorite – Extreme Human Horror. I could keep going! The horror sub-genre has evolved into something akin to rule 34 – and that shit can turn horrific pretty fucking quickly itself!

Product Reviews

All of my latest news, reviews, and previews of Tracy’s Dog products! I don’t sell the products, but I can show you where to go, what I recommend, and and what’s coming up!

Just like the rest of this site, it’s 18+

Previews & Trailers

Using videos to promote books is becoming increasingly more popular, especially in the horror genre. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about this, but a lot of hard work goes into putting together a book trailer. Blood, sweat, & tears are poured into these projects. Give ’em a looksee, and leave comments when you can! Try and find which video has my blurb!


My favorite [ongoing] project is #BleedingMemes! The best quotes from the coolest people, in a format guaranteed to make you wonder … ‘What the hell is wrong with… me?!’ (cuz you’re gonna love ’em, too!)

#ReadingIsSexy & #BookPorn

All your favorite past #ReadingIsSexy posts, plus a new wave of #SteamyMemes. These are being combined with the #BookPorn category so WordPress doesn’t overheat!

Connections: Social Media And Stalking

All the places I might be – how dedicated are you?

Author Interviews & Special Spotlights

Coffee Talk is a very informal interview with someone in the Horror Community. Author Interviews turn into friendly chatting and shenanigans – laughter is always a requirement, and there are some great guests coming up! We’re going to learn about the horrors involved in horror publishing, and what it’s really like to see your work turned into a movie! Also coming up – Self publishing vs. being published – both sides weigh in.

Here’s A Peek At What You’ve Been Missing…

A Quick Story & A Surprise New Page!

Oh have I got a surprise for you! But first, a little background… As well as doing book reviews, I do a lot of product reviews, too – and not just for things I buy. I sometimes get brands to send their product to me so I can try it, and review it for them, and when it’s over, I keep the product. I started this during the first lockdown/quarantine. (This, and a sticker habit that gets worse by the day, omg! Do you know how many places send you kick ass stickers for free?! I have a problem, it’s terrible! Are YOU a brand? Do you have author stickers? Can I have one?😆)

I’ve applied for trials of huge things, like a fridge, or mattress set, (I recently got choosen for a Cottonelle campaign 😎 Gonna be flush with TP!! Ha ha!). I write why I think I’d be the person to represent them, and add all my social media pages – but never here. (Unless it was something horror themed, like Nightmare Before Christmas Urban Decay make -up.) But, I stumbled across a new (to me) company, and I want to scream from the rooftops about it 😜

tl;dr – start here

Ok I teased you too long. I get to test products for Tracy’s Dog – an adult toy store that has all many goodies for men and women!! BEST. JOB. EVER. Lol, no – I do not get paid, but I get to keep what I test! I’m going to be sharing these products, and reviews, because I’m in love with the brand. If you apply to be a tester, I get nothing. Oh, I could apply to be an affiliate, but I haven’t. If something changes, I’ll post it.

The page is live now. It will be continually updating, so check back often. There are links in all the menus, in the segment above, and to make it nice and easy, HERE is one more 💋

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