I’ve been told that I have morbid interests…

Ok, sure. I’ll give you that. My taste for all things strange and unusual started as a kid, and thankfully my dad nurtured my weirdness, instead of trying to make me “NORMAL”. Seriously, I will always be grateful for that, and I tried to do the same thing with my son. We’re fuckin’ awesome people, too! Sure, we might tell an inappropriate joke at a funeral, but you know what… I bet that deep down, you laughed at it.

I’m betting my browser history will be hilarious to check out at some point, and that is how I assume most horror/extreme horror author’s browser histories look as well – unusual to say the very least.

You’ll understand the pic more soon. Til then – ‘Look into my eyes…’

All of these thoughts were going through my head because I just ran across a GREAT video on YouTube! MORTICIAN ANSWERS DEAD BODY QUESTIONS FROM TWITTER and within the first two minutes, (I checked, I already knew I’d be sharing it that early in!), I learned something so interesting, and I’m stuck wondering – how am I ‘today’ years old, and JUST hearing of this?! With as much strange & unusual, to all the way sick & demented, knowledge that I do have, how did this one little nugget pass me by? And, if I didn’t know it, then no one has written about it…or I’d know it, see?

It’s not the practice, I know all about setting the features on a body, and little details about sewing things closed so they don’t pop open at inappropriate times, but there is a new… ‘device’, or possibly it’s a tool, it’s an implement! Ok! There is a new implement that morticians can use to help make their jobs easier (?), more interesting (for sure), and more efficient. At first I’m like “😗¹ ooooo, that’s interesting, I bet that DOES work better…” yadda yadda. But, me being me, I start thinking about what it could do if used for nefarious purposes. It’s nothing huge, this would be equal to trying to kill someone with that tiny knife in the Clue board game 🔪

It’s about torture, I suppose. Petty torments.

Those have been on my mind a ton recently anyway, with the Dark Defender showing his true colors, and spending his nights at the Scarlet Cockgobbler’s secret Herpe Hideaway. Those little things they do, purposely, to fuck with you. It falls under gaslighting. Bringing these things up, these petty torments, or trying to tell someone makes us look and sound crazy emotional, and hyper sensitive, and the emotional terrorist once again walks away with not a care in the world…

I apologize. But this is how writing something has always worked for me. Today we’re a little all over the road, but arriving at the same destination eventually. Under other circumstances, I’d have taken that out on the 42nd edit. But I’m working through something.

– Detour Ends –

The mortician in this video seems pretty chill. With a little of that ‘nerdy cool’ going on, he explains things without dumbing them down, and with a bit of that morticians wit that makes them human.

I’m going to look this guy up while you check out the video. The main reason I shared is in the first two minutes, but the entire thing is pretty interesting. SHARE YOUR FIRST THOUGHTS! Drop me a note in the comments and tell me your initial reaction, or what you could do with something so pokey, or even just let me know if you knew these were a thing! Maybe I’m late to the game…

Well at least my normal sign off feels fitting here today, hahaha, ew! Stay safe, guys. Stay healthy.

¹ 😗 – I’ve repurposed the little kissy face into my “Oooo” face, cuz I do that more anyway, and it needs an emoji. Not to be confused with my ”O” face, which looks like dis 🥴

The link to the original YouTube video embedded

2 replies on “I’ve been told that I have morbid interests…”

That is interesting about the eye guard. It can’t be too old. When my grandmother passed away my cousin and I were the first to view her. And glad we did. One eye had opened and if my mom and her siblings had seen that, I am sure it would not have been good. We just told the funeral director and they fixed it. But it was kind of disturbing.

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Now, I thought that they were to be sewn shut, so that is strange. Or maybe even glued, I believe I heard glued at some point in my life…
You know I have to ask – did you watch it open,or was it just like that when you went in? As strange as I am, if I watched it open – I might honestly have run screaming, or had an accident, seriously IDK what, but something would have happened.
My dad always told me that is the job I should have gotten. (Miss him.)


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