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Strange Sex ~ A SHB Anthology


What if Joseph wasn’t the first man to be cuckolded by God? What if there was a cult of adulterated men who would do anything to kill him for fucking their wives into useless shells of nymphoid lust? What if a woman possessed was so utterly tormented, that the only way to save her soul was to perform a Sexorcism? What if a scaticallogically inclined man found a way to pleasure himself with bed bugs? What if a woman fell in love with a dinosaur? What if a seemingly innocent Furry gangbang turned out to be a mating ritual for a tribe of nomadic cannibal were-teddy bears? These questions and many more will be answered when StrangeHouse books takes you on a journey unlike any you’ve ever seen before with their debut anthology of strange erotic horror fiction, “Strange Sex”. 13 tales of erotic fiction from Kevin Strange, D.F. Noble, Rich Bottles, Jr., David C. Hayes, Elizabeth Hetherington and more exciting authors of today’s strangest fiction.

Funny Face

Louie (aka Lucifer) is not human, but he is the one who loves us, the earth and its creatures. Not the other guy. Not… The One. He hates us. The One will stop at nothing to exact his vengeance, and is destroying us in the process.
Even if that means seducing your wife to the point that nothing or nobody can ever satisfy her again. Louie is trying to get the help he needs to put an end to the madness.

LOVE BITES: David C. Hayes
Andy Crank, like most of the population, has a fetish. But, it is not the everyday, slap & tickle variety. It’s the kind that makes your wife divorce you. It’s the kind that even prostitutes won’t look at you. Andy likes feces. Literally. Touching it, playing with it, being bombarded with it. Andy wants to be life’s fan when everything is going wrong.
If you have the type of fetish that nobody wants to take part in, you need to come up with some kind of idea to feed your needs, right? Well, Andy has just that. And it is a doozy!

PULMONARY ED: Rich Bottles Jr.
How many times have you set off the metal detector? Have you ever thought that it might be rigged? Surely you don’t have anything on you that would set It off… maybe it’s broke. Maybe it’s purposely mis-calibrated to scare you… scare you into doing just about anything, as long as they will let you get back to your son.

APPETITES: Mike Lombardo
If you’re bored, single, and looking for some fun this Valentine’s Day, be cautious! Stay away from Cyber Cupid – It’s not all fun, and kinky games! You may go on a date planning to curb your sexual appetite, but end up feeding someone/something else’s true appetites!

“It tastes just how it looks, like shit.”
This one made me gag! So many gags!
This guy ain’t from around here, but he seems down for all kinds of freaky stuff! He is a little peculiar, his tastes are even more peculiar, (and I don’t think I’m going to be eating again any time soon, if ever). He wears your skin bag like a cheap suit & goes to his new home, smiling your smile, and shows his undying love to ‘his’ [new] family.
Honest to Dog, I thought that scat was the limit – but I found out that there’s something worse in my mind. ::shivers:: (Hint – it has a core!) Aghhh… stop it. Mr. Noble, there’s something wrong with you! (Jk)

The Rori, a highly intelligent alien race resembling earth ‘s extinct dinosaurs, came to earth – in peace, and have lived harmoniously with the human race for about 20 years. Rose, who was just a child when they arrived, has always been fascinated by the Rori. She’s about to find out if her anatomy knowledge is up to par when she spends some private time with Tor.

DETH MORGUE: Elisabeth Hetherington
Morianna begins working at the morgue as Deth’s assistant, and although she’s an actress – she fits in (with the job, and her boss) right away. She sees something strange with her very first corpse, and persues it in an unconventional manner.

VAGARY: Justin Roberts
1. an unpredictable or erratic action, occurrence, course, or instance: the vagaries of weather; the vagaries of the economic scene. (vagaries of sexual depravity…)
2. a whimsical, wild, or unusual idea, desire, or action.
3. Possibly my fave ss in this anthology. I think the ‘setting’ has a novel just waiting to be written around it.
Perhaps the Strangehouse crew could borrow the style of extreme horror authors Keene, Lee, Ketchum, Smith, Gonzalez, White, Southard, Harding, & McKenzie? Give The Palace a new address – at ‘SIXTY NINE STIRRUP-IRON ROAD’!
Who’s with me on this?

FUCK OR FEAST: Craig Mullins
In a post-apocalyptic world filled with wastelands and mutants, every day is a fight for survival. But, would you fight knowing you will lose, or submit to the horrors to survive – even if surviving meant losing your sanity?

The year is 2032, and the first self-aware Android has risen up to declare war on mankind. Cinnamon leads the Robot Rebellion of 2032, and until robots are given human rights – no human Will be safe!
You can watch a clip of D.F. Noble reading his story –

Every time I see this story, I hear that song by Bloodhound Gang – ‘Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo’, (and giggle).

COTTON CANDY: Kevin Strange
Mr. Pillinghast asked the girls from his Literature class to meet him after being on personal leave for two months. When they arrived at his old classroom, Mr. P was nowhere to be found. There were a variety of Plushy costumes in the room, as well as a manuscript, written by Mr. P, detailing the strange fate that has befallen him.


LIPS: Jesse Wheeler
Dale heard the words coming from the old gypsy woman…
“Tooti! Lel, naswalemos! Tshor, prikasa, mulo!” he was frightened. But, it wasn’t until she touched him that he really freaked out. Touched him, and uttered the one word he did understand… “Liipsss”
This is another of my favorites from this collection.

Father Callaghan is setting up to perform a rather unorthodox exorcism (sexorcism), and Priest Briggs is having some difficulty assisting. Once convinced that this is not the rape of a young girl, but the salvation of her eternal soul – well, he’s down for all the depravity!
Things keep taking unexpected turns, and the ending isn’t so happy for anyone.

Bonus Story –
THROUGH THE WALLS is a SS by D.L. Noble, from the SCARY FUCKING STORIES collection. I won’t say much this time around, because I’ve finished that book already, too – I just need to organize my thoughts. I will tell you… get that book, too!
And be on the lookout for STRANGE SEX 2!
It’s on the horizon, with all the entries submitted – it needs to be finalized, then all the stuff that we don’t know about in between writing a story & getting it published. Boo! That takes too long! But, editing is important – so I won’t cry too loudly. Hell, if it were me putting anthologies together – you’d be waiting an extra year while I tried to decide in which order I wanted the stories to be! Thank Dog there’s professionals out there!!

StrangeHouseBooks @_StrangeHouse

D.F. Noble

David C. Hayes

Rich Bottles Jr. @Rich_Bottles_Jr

Mike Lombardo @ReelSplatter

Elisabeth Hetherington

Justin Roberts

Craig Mullins

Kevin Strange @kevinthestrange

Jesse Wheeler

Kyle Noble

Amanda Williams:
I’m awaiting more info for contacting Amanda

8 replies on “Strange Sex ~ A SHB Anthology”

I’m a sucker for StrangeHouse (well, now StrangeHouse/Rooster Republic)
Check your morals at the door, indeed! Maybe bring a barf bag for a couple of the stories, too!
SS2 was great, too. I used my Kindle Unlimited subscription to read it, and didn’t review it before it got sent back. I want to review it really bad, but have to wait until I renew my subscription so I can give it the attention it deserves. 🙂


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