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Slaughtertown Circus by K.M. Tepe


Slaughtertown Circus
By K.M. Tepe

Amazon says…
Xander is boring. He spends his boring life working for minimal pay (and even less respect) as a data entry clerk. After he’s fired from his job, Xander finds himself lost, poor, and alone; until he meets a stripping clown known only as “Marbles”.


Marbles decides to spice up Xander’s life a bit by sleeping with him, but Xander is unaware that clown sex comes with a very unexpected STD. Xander soon learns that his new friend has an agenda of her own. After the entire clown world, Kermisendia, has gone up in flames, Marbles, the daughter of the Leader of Kermisendia, is sent to the Earthly dimension to gather an army and claim a new home for the species, no matter the cost.


Join Xander, Marbles, and the rest of the extra-terrestrial clown freaks on a big-top adventure through the funhouse mirror as Xander learns that clowns might not really be that funny after all…

And, who can pass anything up when Jesse Wheeler does his best Stefon imitation? – ( Tweaky club kid Stefon Zelesky).


This book has it all. Transvestites, amputees, cotton candy feces, deep fried corn-dog dicks, vandalism, and so much more. You think you know clowns…? You don’t know shit till you read Slaughtertown Circus.
Jesse Wheeler, author of Dinner at the Vomitropolis

This book really does have it all!
When I first saw it, I didn’t know what to expect – I just knew I HAD TO HAVE IT.


Prologue: The planet Kermisendia
The conception.
Clown sex – sex between Real Clowns, not Ass Clowns, (Trust me, you’ll learn the difference.), is a fun, and slightly disturbing event. Complete with squeaks, honks, and a jubilant CONFETTI completion, we get a front row, voyeuristic learning experience.
One year after this night of fun-passion (fassion- fashion), the happy couple is calling their physician… the baby’s on it’s way! Barnum, the doc, comes in with some insanely disturbing hardware! Lefty Lucy’s vag can only be compared to a Volkswagen in the center ring, because she shoots out a parade of clowns. The proud patents, and us spectators, are soon introduced to a violet eyed clown baby with a heart shaped birth-mark… Marbles.
The Story: Present day – 2014
On Earth, 105 years later, Xander Greaks happens into a small, obscure bar called The Doctor’s Office. He’s lost everything and decides to try and find something new at the bottom of a shot glass. What he found was a new friend in the form of a bartender named Billy.
Billy isn’t the only new thing- he brings a lot of new into Xander’s life. Weird porn, weird colognes, weird music… and Xander is drawn to it all!
Then, there’s the dancer. Those violet eyes, that heart shaped mark, the things that girl could do with a balloon! She introduced herself as Marbles, and…Marbles is all grown up! He’s never been a big fan of clowns, but there is just something about this girl! That joie de vivre, that je ne sais quoi. That little something she left him with after spending a the night together! He knows something is wrong the very next morning, and he’ll soon find out that herpies isn’t the only thing that is for life!
“Neither of them knew of the horrors that would come out of that night. Eh, maybe that was too dramatic.
Here, let’s try this: Shit got fucked up.”
Yes. Yes, it did.
And, you’re going to have to read the book to find out just how fucked up shit got!
There’s eyeball piercing, ice cream trucks, and a balloon chainsaw that brings ‘imminent, but hilarious, destruction’.

Like I said, I didn’t know what to expect from this book, but I am overjoyed with what I got. The story is so unique, and so much fun to read! It hooked me right away. You know I’ve got a thing for words – and K.M. Tepe is a master. From cacophony to breath sacks, her selection was a perfect mixture of interesting, exciting, and fun. The SHB gang are friends, you can tell they talk to each other. K.M.’s vaginal euphemisms reminded me of Don Noble, which reminded me of the song by the Bloodhound Gang that I posted with Don’s story CINNAMON. (On the STRANGE SEX review/discussion.) (Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo).
Don’t let this book get by you!
5/5 Squeaky Boobies for Slaughtertown Circus!

Reach out to the author:


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Twitter – @KMTepeLit




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