Strange Sex ~ A SHB Anthology

Good news, my little stranglings!
Were you intrigued by this review of Strange Sex?
Now is your chance to download it – FREE! Visit StrangeHouseBooks – or head directly to Amazon!

The Bloody Book Blogger


What if Joseph wasn’t the first man to be cuckolded by God? What if there was a cult of adulterated men who would do anything to kill him for fucking their wives into useless shells of nymphoid lust? What if a woman possessed was so utterly tormented, that the only way to save her soul was to perform a Sexorcism? What if a scaticallogically inclined man found a way to pleasure himself with bed bugs? What if a woman fell in love with a dinosaur? What if a seemingly innocent Furry gangbang turned out to be a mating ritual for a tribe of nomadic cannibal were-teddy bears? These questions and many more will be answered when StrangeHouse books takes you on a journey unlike any you’ve ever seen before with their debut anthology of strange erotic horror fiction, “Strange Sex”. 13 tales of erotic fiction from Kevin Strange, D.F. Noble…

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