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BECOMING… by Jacob Rayne

The Rayne of Terror continues!


I don’t say these words often – this book scared me.
Because of my work schedule, (and something else that’s a little embarrassing to admit), it took me two days to read this book.
The first night, I had nightmares.
The second night, my husband’s friend was in the Emergency Room – and husband didn’t come home. Every noise outside was a murdering psychopath with a butcher knife. If I had heard a maniacal laugh outside my door that night – I might have had a heart attack.
So, yeah… I had to stop reading.
I knew I wouldn’t survive the next day at work if I didn’t finish the story, so I woke up early and dove in before my eyes had even fully cleared.
When I finished, I immediately posted a 5 star rating on Amazon, then e-mailed Jacob to get a little fangirling in before work. (It had to be done!)

As soon as I read the prologue, I could feel my blood starting to chill. I knew I was in for something special.
It describes a house formally known as Peth Vale. Informally, it’s known by many other monikers – ‘A portal of evil’, ‘Hell’s Gates’, and ‘The Murder House’, are the most common. The house is a beacon to blood, the site of unimaginable terror, and pain.
I was wholly invested before I even read the first chapter.
Speaking of wholly, and the first chapter… HOLY SHIT – what a first chapter!

There’s a savage killer on the streets of Marshton.
From reading the synopsis, you may think that you know what to expect from a story boasting a murderous clown… you. don’t. know. shit!
Mr. Chuckles the Psychotic Clown is not your typical nightmare, and he makes ‘POGO’ [John Wayne Gacy] look like a guy you wouldn’t hesitate to accept a balloon animal from – even if he pulled it out of his disgusting clown pants.
There’s one victim who survives Mr. Chuckles’ seemingly random rampage, but the ten year old boy will never mentally be free. He finds ways to dull the pain & soften his memories – but it never lasts.
The event that changed everything happened when he was sixteen. The Luke Miller that emerges from the ashes this time, has changed. This Luke Miller will inspire nightmares in Mr. Chuckles, but, there’s something else that needs to be taken care of first.

While reading this, like with any book, I’d think to myself – “Ooooo… he’s going to ________!”, or “OMG, this is going to happen!” But, I was NEVER right – the author surprised me every time.
I can’t praise the writing enough.

Like I said – this one scared me, and gave me nightmares. I was one high-pitched-maniacal-chuckle away from sharding, then having a heart attack.
That’s high praise from me, but – it’s not for the faint of heart.
Very graphic. Highly disturbing.
The scenes are played out in excruciating detail. You’ll experience the sights, the sounds, and even the smells.
There is not a Mickey & Mallory vibe, and there’s no rooting for the bad guy. This isn’t full of dark humor.
This is the feeling you got from watching HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER – amped up to the nth degree.

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It was a difficult review – I wanted to say so much, but afraid to give anything away!
I was working on a pic to post, too – but I realized that everyone will have their own nightmare vision 🙂 Sorry I haven’t checked back since I left the last message. I’ll get in touch tonight.
P, L, & N

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