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Haiku Review

I was working on my Library Thing account, and I noticed a spot to add haikus. This is what I came up with –

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BECOMING… by Jacob Rayne

The Rayne of Terror continues! I don’t say these words often – this book scared me.Because of my work schedule, (and something else that’s a little embarrassing to admit), it took me two days to read this book.The first night, I had nightmares.The second night, my husband’s friend was in the Emergency Room – and […]



Digital Children by Jacob Rayne My rating: 5 of 5 stars It’s funny… just a couple of days ago, a coworker came in on their day off, and brought their adorably squishy faced baby! So cute! That perfect baby age (- smiling and waving, but still not talking!) That crap is contagious! I found myself […]

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Walk In The Park by Jacob Rayne

Walk in the Park by Jacob Rayne My rating: 5 of 5 stars I’m really excited about Jacob Rayne, and the books I still get to read! Walk in the Park is my first book of his, and I don’t know if I can praise it enough. Debbie, while at the park with her daughter, […]