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Celebrate EASTER with The Rabbit Man, and Duncan Ralston!

Published April 14, 2017 by Shadow Girl

How far would you go for revenge?

When a six-year-old girl is abused and left for dead by a pedophile known only as the “Rabbit Man” due to the claw marks left on her body, police follow every lead but reach only dead ends.

Hungry for justice, her grieving father abandons wife and child on a harrowing journey deep undercover into Miami’s sex offender colony under the Julia Tuttle Causeway. His purpose is simple: to find the “Rabbit Man” among them, and put him in the ground.

Months later, with no one to trust and the pedophiles he lives among growing suspicious of his actions, he learns nothing is simple where the monsters live.

Imagine sitting down to a meal consisting of all your favorite foods.  WAIT! Let’s make this even more fun and pretend it’s your last meal before your execution – (yay)!

At first glance, my table would make most people chuckle because my favorite foods do not complement each other well, or at all. (I’m a grown ass woman and can have ice cream and Twinkies for dinner if I want to!).

My book shelf mirrors my dinner table / last meal.
Yes… I’m all about the extreme horror. Give me a story filled with buckets of gore, sprinkled with very wrong humor, and of course a gratuitous titty (or three) thrown in, and I’m in a very happy place.
BUT… I love ALL flavors of horror. Man cannot live on ice cream alone! Nor can I live on the extreme alone. Plus, [IMHO] there are only a handful of authors who can pull if off successfully – (for MY tastes).

Why the hell am I talking about this?  I’m so glad you asked!

REVENGE is a dish best served cold.

Dunc has proven to be quite the ‘master chef’.
Reread my review of GRISTLE & BONE – I think it was my first book by Duncan Ralston, and I didn’t know him then. I was floored by the stories in that collection by an author who was unknown to me at the time, and to this day I still go through a moment of mourning when I finish one of his books, not wanting it to come to an end. If you’ve read WOOM then you know he is one of the aforementioned authors who can pull off the extreme without losing the story.

WHERE THE MONSTERS LIVE is NOT an extreme horror story, but I want you to have a little ‘heads up’. It’s not super graphic, but it will sucker punch you right in the feels. It will disturb you a bit, and up the level if you have a child of your own.
I didn’t realize I was crying until The Dark Defender woke up to ask me what was wrong, and I had tears streaming down my cheeks.

I got a sinking feeling at one point, because I thought I knew exactly how this story was going to end (we’ll talk about it once you finish). That wouldn’t have made it a suck story – but I’m happy that it didn’t go for the ‘ironic twist’, and I’m very satisfied with how it’s wrapped up – and there could be a little wiggle room JIC case the story isn’t done with us yet.

 I don’t think I need to say this, but for the record –
⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆  5/5 STARS!!  ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

Before we wrap this up, please allow me one more moment of inappropriate, and probably unjustified humor here… I cannot remember when or why this popped in my head while reading, but it did, and now it’s going to get stuck in your head, too.  #earrape #psychodad

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
Who’s that riding into the sun,
Who’s the man with the itchy gun,
Who’s the man who kills for fun
Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad…


Now, please excuse me so I can get some food – I’m STARVING!
Peace, Love & Necrophilia  


You can find ‘WHERE THE MONSTERS ARE’ on Amazon, and Goodreads. To check out the titles I mentioned earlier, just follow these links – GRISTLE & BONE, and WOOM.


You can connect with Dunc via his Official Website: THE FOLD, ShadowWorkPublishing, and his author pages @ Goodreads, Amazon, BookBub, and BookLikes. Or through social media – Facebook, Twitter (@userbits), and YouTube



Be sure to grab the EASTER EGGS AND BUNNY BOILERS horror anthology before Sunday! While the rest of the fam is sitting around the table chewing with their mouths open, and talking about whoever is in the bathroom at the moment, you can keep your sanity by reading about the true meaning of Easter – demented rabbits, chocolate obsessed children drowning in their own greed, serial killers, and resurrection! YAY!! 







BUCKET LIST by Dawn Cano

Published May 1, 2016 by Shadow Girl

This is a book of extreme horror.

Please do not purchase if you are easily shocked or offended.


 5/5 Revenge Stars


Let’s talk about this as the people we really are deep down inside,  not the everyday face we project to strangers and coworkers.  We are the readers, the writers, and the lovers of true horror – so, let’s not pretend that we don’t have a rough outline of what we would like to do in any number of different situations. We’ve watched enough CSI and Forensic Files to help us feel pretty confident about our chances of getting away with… things – even our host Bill Curtis would agree! 😉

What would you do if you found out that your spouse was cheating on you?

What if it wasn’t a ‘just’ a one night stand, but a three month affair?

What if you found out that your lying, cheating spouse had a three month affair with someone who infected them with HIV, and they’ve lovingly shared it with you?

Mike Hickman is pondering these exact thoughts in Dawn Cano’s new short BUCKET LIST.  Needless to say… Mike is pissed!  He is going to make sure that his wife Emilia dies a very slow, and very painful death. He thinks “she owed me”, well… she sure is gonna pay!  Like us, Mike has watched a fair amount of horror movies and read a metric fuck-ton of horror books – so he has some pretty nifty ideas in store for his loving wife.  He even pulls out a recent title from one of his favorite extreme horror authors to use as a guide… this is gonna be FUN!

Our Dawn has become one hell of an author!  Her work leans a little more towards the extreme horror side, but she is writing great books without compromising her stories for mere shock value.  Another thing that I appreciate while reading Dawn’s work… whether she’s hidden something in a little quote that only a select few will ‘get’ right away, christened her characters with noteworthy names, or just taken the direct route and specifically named other authors and/or books… she ‘pays tribute’ to the people that have influenced her, and helped get her to where she is today. I think that is awesome, and it gives me a warm fuzzy ❤

I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us!



You can buy Bucket List on Amazon, and visit Dawn Cano’s Amazon Author Page to check out her other work.

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VIOLENT DELIGHTS by Dawn Cano [and Lewis Duncan]

Published April 20, 2016 by Shadow Girl

John Reynolds wasn’t an angry person, and he wasn’t a violent person, but every man has his limit.


Your soulmate, your split-apart, your one and only. Your… everything.
The problem with true love? When they’re gone, you’ve got nothing.
When John’s wife Megan died at the hands of a madman, he lost the one and only reason he had to live.
John began a private journal as a way to battle his inner demons, and to remember Megan in his own way. My heart was breaking for him as I read about their lives together, and how much love they had between them. (Especially when he explained why they decided to not have kids! ::sob::)
I wanted to dive into this book and destroy the person that could destroy a love like that, so just imagine what is going through Jonn’s mind! He is determined to find the killer, and punish him for the destruction he’s caused.


Buy Violent Delights on Amazon, and visit Dawn Cano’s Amazon Author Page to check out her other books.

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You can find Lewis Duncan on Goodreads, too!

SNUFF: A F*cked Up Short by Matt Shaw

Published November 21, 2015 by Shadow Girl



“This is A SHORT STORY. It is intended for the members of Kindle Unlimited who have been requesting short, sick, bedtime stories. As part of Kindle Unlimited they are able to download this title for free. If you wish for a longer story to read, please do not purchase any of the ‘F*cked-Up Shorts’. ”

SNUFF is loosely based on Dan Brownlie‘s idea for a faux snuff film (‘2 Girls, 1 Victim’ – screenplay also written by Matt Shaw).

Expect twists galore and sheer brutality!


Nikki and Jamie have taken SNUFF mainstream* – serving up punishment when the court system fails, and vigilante justice has never been sexier!

*Well, as mainstream as you can be online without getting caught. There are actually only a select few who know of the show, each member personally invited.

Tonight’s episode of ‘Two Girls, One Victim’ has a very special guest – a rapist named Jack Goodall. Specific tools chosen just for the guest of honor are laid out,  and gleaming under the set’s lights. Pliers, a hammer, nails, screws, hacksaws, piano wire, rope, duct tape, an adult sex-toy, and what appeared to be a small bottle of lube. Things might get messy, and the members are definitely going to get their money’s worth from this show!


You can find Snuff: An Extreme Horror SHORT STORY
on Amazon, and Goodreads.



CHERUB by David C. Hayes

Published November 4, 2015 by Shadow Girl

Nothing lasts forever except a mother’s love.

“Get ready for a ride through the absolute worst in human nature. Hayes has the unique ability to convey the most sickening acts in a way that will have you laughing between retches. Once the book closes, you’ll need to shower and after that you’ll wonder what it says about you that Hayes managed to touch so deep and dark. You will be affected.” – MoyerKevin

In every small town, in every section of the world, there is always that family. The family that is whispered about in the grocery store, and used as fodder for campfire horror stories. There is one family that urban legends are based on, and local children dare each-other to spy on in the dark.

In Brockton, Michigan, the Richardson family is that family.

In 1966, a very pregnant Marie Richardson helped to perpetuate the stories when she arrived at the hospital – she was about to become very non-pregnant, and claimed that she had never been with a man.

The things that happened during Marie’s labor, and the birth of her child,  almost killed her, caused a lifetime of therapy for two nurses, and led the attending physician into retirement. Since that day, not a soul had seen the product of those horrors – until Brockton PD was sent to the Richardson place some 40 years later to investigate complaints of a bizarre smell.

What the deputies found was described as being ‘worse than the most horrible car wreck in the world’.  Chained to the wall in the basement was a man of about 500 pounds. He was about 7 feet tall, balding, and could be compared to Chunk from The Goonies – on a good day.


The man was sent to the Blessed Arms State Hospital, (formerly Michigan’s official State Tuberculosis Hospital, and has a striking resemblance to ELOUISE psychiatric hospital in Westland, MI), and into the custody of Dr. Godfrey and nurse Angie Fletcher.

Cherub, as he comes to be known by the staff, quickly becomes a special project for Nurse Angie and her sinister plans for Blessed Arms.

We all know how much I love hometown authors, and David C. Hayes is one of my Michigan Madmen ❤ The little details placed in MI stories always make me smile. The town of Brockton is described as a town in southeast Michigan, almost on the Ohio border – exactly where my ass is sitting right at this moment.  The day that Cherub was born was a brisk autumn day in November with leaves changing color and blanketing the ground everywhere – just like today. I mentioned above, Blessed Arms feels like it is based on Elouise Psychiatric Hospital, and I’ve had an obsession with that place for YEARS. (They’re making a horror movie at Elouise now, too! Awesome!) David also mentions ‘Kroger’ – a MI based grocery store.

I highly recommend CHERUB, no matter where you live 😉 The story shines some light on nature vs. nurture, and the author  proves that sometimes humans are the worst monsters of all.

You can find CHERUB on Amazon, Shelfari, LibraryThing and Goodreads

You can find DAVID C. HAYES on his official websiteAmazonGoodreadsTwitter, and Facebook

31 Days of Halloween Horror – Day 2

Published October 2, 2015 by Shadow Girl

Today’s #FREE Halloween Horror Kindle Download

‘The Hilliard Haunting: A Novella Kindle Edition’

SEX, MARRY, KILL by Todd Travis

Published March 30, 2015 by Shadow Girl

I’ve played a different version of SEX, MARRY, KILL.
In the game I know, you’re given the names of three people – usually a group of celebrities – and you choose who you’d 1. Have sex with, 2. Marry, and 3. Kill. Use the Brady kids as an example. If you’re picking women, choose between Marsha, Jan, and Cindy. (My choices would be: Sex – Marsha, Marry – Jan, Kill – Cindy). If you’re picking men, choose between Greg, Peter, and Bobby. (My choices would be: Sex – Peter, Marry – Bobby, Kill – Greg). My answers for the Brady Boys may be slightly influenced by Adrianne Curry’s obsession with Peter Brady, (don’t judge me!), and by Greg’s poor judgement with his brief Rock Star career. Adios, Johnny Bravo, indeed.

SEX, MARRY, KILL is played a little differently in this story. The player is only given one person instead of three, and they must choose whether they’d have sex with, marry, or kill the selected person.

It’s all fun and games until… well – you’ll see…


“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

It was the class trip that brought them together. The class trip, and… fate.
The tables in the restaurant resemble the high-school cafeteria; the students have divided into multiple sub-groups and cliques. Jocks, stoners, mean girls, etc. ‘Birds of a feather’. Except for the last table.
The five kids seated around the last table have nothing in common except for their social standing. They’re labeled as losers, each of them tormented and harassed by their so-called peers. Loners.
A ‘geek‘. A ‘fat chick‘. A ‘slow learner‘. A ‘psycho suicide girl‘. A ‘wannabe criminal‘.
Together, these outcasts will become The Furious Five, and it’s their turn to be on top. Anything they desire will be theirs, and what they desire most is revenge.

* The author, Todd Travis, dedicated this book to one of his teachers. Right now, you’re probably thinking… “Aww! His high-school english teacher must be so proud…”
Well – no.
It’s dedicated to his middle school gym teacher, and for a very good reason.
The next time you have your glass raised in a toast, remember Todd Travis, and give him a nod & a wink.
You’re awesome, Todd. Here’s to you!

Find SEX, MARRY, KILL on Amazon and Goodreads.

Other works from Todd Travis include:

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