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Shit by Stephen Huff



Shit by Stephen Donald Huff feels like a fecal version of the blueberry pie bit of The Body / [Stand By Me] :p Haha! There is a recreation of the Barf-O-Rama in a mall’s food court… grossed me out a little, and that’s part of fun. Those ‘laugh/gag’ moments are priceless.
I believe I downloaded this SS on sale, (for free). I have a bunch of titles from SDH downloaded already, and many more on my TBR list. Most of the book covers have a similar layout. I’ll definitely try his other stories – he worked hard to write ’em!

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You can buy SHIT on Amazon, and you can check out all of Stephen Donald Huff‘s books via his Amazon Author Page.

Visit his fan-based website at, and message him at


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Shadow Girl,

Greetings and, again, I thank you for your vote of confidence. Although I’m a computational scientist by trade, I am sometimes surprised by how ignorant I am regarding social networking, hence the delay in finding your blog and then responding. (I spend a great deal of time writing and too little time marketing.)

I’m glad you liked the story and hope you get to read a few of my newer titles. Lately, I’m spending a bit of money on advertising, and I’m happy to hear your thoughts regarding how I might proceed to market these efforts most effectively.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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