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THE DUMPING GAME by Stephen Donald Huff


I recently had a chat with Stephen Donald Huff in the comments of a review I posted for another one of his short stories, (check out SHIT on it’s Amazon page. and read my review HERE).

Stephen recommended a few titles that he thought I might enjoy based on my review of SHIT  – he suggested Perverse (“a semi-biographical sketch”), Mr. Accident, Horrid Torrid, and, this book especially – The Dumping Game. I’m really happy that we finally connected, and that he told me about some of his favorites because picking my next read gets difficult when there are so many new (to me) titles to choose from

Because he stated that The Dumping Game  is “a personal favorite and also semi-biographical”,  it’s the one that I chose to download first. Now… the actual Dumping Game is on my “Things To Do Before I Die” bucket list >.<

What is The Dumping Game?

As its name implies, it begins with garbage and ends with garbage, but its ultimate goal is the destruction of human lives and the dismantlement of otherwise happy families.

We get to follow along as the game progresses from ‘a harmless prank to a journey into madness‘.  Whenever I found myself starting to empathize with the ‘prankee’, my inner demon poked her little head out and laughed manically while making a mental list of potential victims!  3:)

Now I need to find out which parts of this story are ‘semi-biographical’! Care to chime in on this, Steve? We want details!

* * * * *

Stop by the Official Website of Stephen Donald Huff @

You can buy THE DUMPING GAME, check out other titles from Stephen Donald Huff, and follow him via his Author Page on Amazon.







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Shadow Girl,

I hoped you would like this one. I’ll probably make the prankster and his sick games a regular in my short stories, because his messed up psychology really appeals to me. Probably because he is me. I suspect I’m a sociopath – I certainly don’t give a shit about the things that worry most people.

As for the semi-autobiographical parts of the story… I used to really enjoy BIG pranks. Still do. I just have this thing called a “professional reputation” to maintain these days.

One Saturday morning in my youth after a night spent alone with a couple of pints of vodka (me + vodka = trouble), the incessant ringing of my telephone awakened me EARLY. Too early for a hangover. People were calling and calling and calling about a “window washing job” I had advertised in the paper the previous evening. I didn’t remember much of it, but I could vaguely recall the plan.

Short story: four hours later I’m sitting in the parking lot of a local strip mall smoking a doobie and watching carload after carload of poor suckers show up to wash the windows of every store in sight. To make certain I would know they had come for my prank, I asked them to bring mops and buckets. DANG. I almost got KILLED with that one.

Thanks for the plug! LOVES!


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You’re review is now the number six or so listing on Google when I search my name “Stephen Donald Huff”. Hey, have you tried any of my new stuff?

I wrote a novel about a crazed wanna-be ring master that you might like. I called it Havoc. I think it’s free right now.

All my best and LOVES!



That’s awesome! I never ‘really’ know where my posts are landing on Google if I’m just looking on my own computers – they’re biased. They’re kind of bitches, too.
I missed ‘Havoc’ – The WiFi hasn’t been connecting since the Friday before Labor Day. I’ve been spending a lot of time crying in the corner, hugging myself, and sometimes drooling. BUT I did just grab 2 collections I didn’t have yet! (Havoc sounds really great, though, and it’s on my list now!)


Oh, man… sympathies! If I lost ‘net connectivity for so long, I’d go into withdrawals like a junkie jonesing for a bump! All my best!


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