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CELL By Stephen King

CellCell by Stephen King

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I haven’t sat down to properly review this yet, but, my first thoughts on this aren’t very bad.
This is the first book I’ve listened to in Audio in many many years. (Not including the trial runs I’ve been having with the ‘text to speech’ option on my Kindle). Now that I think about it, I believe that NEEDFUL THINGS was the last one I purchased, on cassette.
Campbell Scott, the narrator, wasn’t bad. He did well for such a long book, I suppose. (I got an MP3 of one of Jason Christie’s ss not very long ago, and THAT narrator was a blast to listen to!)
The story, while pitched as another zombie tale in today’s zombie drenched world, isn’t a real zombie story. To borrow the word from Art Griswold, these ‘people’ are suffering from a RAGE type virus, rather than your ‘dead walking the earth’ zombies. They are not dead, they aren’t (not really) shambling around looking to feast on brains. They’d just as soon eat a Twinkie.

THE PULSE is what they’re calling it. Transmitted through the cell phones, everyone who was on their cell at the time of The Pulse, or tried to get on any time thereafter, had their brains… ‘reprogrammed’, turning the people into ‘mindless’ things, much like animals. The book started fast, and pulled me in. Consider that I only listened on my way to and from work, and that I did not lose intrest. Towards the end… these past few days, I’ve bypassed rides so I could enjoy my walk. To put the synopsis into the most simplistic terms… Cell is a SK story about a man searching for his son in a world gone mad.
I really, really liked the main characters.
Clayton Riddell (looking for his son, Johnny, and his soon to be ex-wife, Sharron).Tom McCourt, Alice Maxwell, Jordan and Charles Ardai (aka Headmaster Ardai). A couple more along the way, a couple at the end, along with the story’s main antagonist, The Raggedy Man / The President Of Harvard. SK developed characters that I cared for in this story, not just people who are in his books. I don’t know if that will make sense to all of you, but, those who ‘get’ it know what I mean about the majority of SK’ s later works.

So, mainly this… if you get the book for a decent price, give it a whirl. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. If you’re looking for a zombie story, give it a pass – this is not what you’ve been led to believe.

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4 replies on “CELL By Stephen King”

I really liked this story also and I believe it came out before the latest zombie trend – and they’re really not zombies in this book anyway. That opening chapter, where the s*** hits the fan was fantastic – I couldn’t stop reading. Great review 🙂


I totally agree! It takes me a little bit to get into SK novels anymore, (which translates into… I haven’t read one in ages! I started Lisey’s Story, and I was bored to years.) But, CELL was different. TSHTF in the very first chapter, and I was finally excited to be getting into SK again!

I forgot to mention something.
We all know that he is a True Blue Maine Man, but, I noticed several instances where he slipped into Brit terminology. I noticed because I’ve been trying to do the same thing! 😉
Not just spelling, but, words… terms & phrases.
No point to this. Just an observation.

Thanks for commenting!
I love your blog ❤


I didn’t notice the brit terminology, I read this ages ago so I can’t really remember. Have you read Full Dark, … It was the first book review I did on my blog, over a year ago. It was really good, like SK circa 1978 – It consisted of four fairly long, short stories.


Parlor of Horror- I’m sorry I didn’t see this reply.
I picked up FULL DARK, but I haven’t read it yet. Your comment makes me want to, I’ll put it back in my carousel. He pushed out so many books after he retired that I lost count of them all – until recently. I just started DOCTOR SLEEP and I love it. I downloaded a bunch more of the ones I missed… FULL DARK[…], COLORADO KID, JOYLAND, LISEY’s STORY, and more.


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