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LEGACY by Michael Noe


leg·a·cy /ˈleɡəsē/ noun
Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.

A SHAMEFUL DEVIL OF A DIRTY SECRET is something that two men share. A legacy is created not out of madness, but of the purest desire. Take a vivid journey into the mind of the killer and his biggest fan. Inside is the real truth and it can set you free. See as the knife plunges over and over again. Lap at the wounds of the dark words of this found journal. Watch all you want. Taste what you dare not have. But once you see, you are in collusion. Keep reading and the guilt will stain. But it will be BLOODY. GOOD. FUN.
~ Morbid Books


I can’t tell you how many “DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER” books I’ve picked up over the years. We know I’ve become jaded, but it’s not just that I want sicker & bloodier – I want the heart. That’s what I read in LEGACY by Michael Noe.
We get to ride along with a fifth grade English teacher as he tries to become the perfect monster – without getting caught. But, we’re not the only one’s following Kevin Vincent’s transformation. He’s already got a ‘fan’.

Fun Stuff:
* I have to give it up for a fellow #RideWarrior! I’m extra excited for this year’s annual excursion to Cedar Point!
* Murder O’s – why is this not already a thing?


* This quote – “Blood and teeth flew like money aimed at a stripper.

LEGACY on Amazon / Goodreads / Morbid Books

MICHAEL NOE on Amazon / Goodreads / Morbid Books

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