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Rest In Peace Joy Killar

Those of you who have been here from the beginning will remember my partner in crime – Joy Killar. She was the owner/operator of ZombieFiend. Even through the rough patches, ZombieFiend has never left the categories list here on BÂł. I always figured I’d be using it again one day.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and a lot of crying, I’m not in great shape right now. I full of regrets, wishing I’d have said… anything.

William Todd Rose, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. If you saw my message, please call one day.

All those tomorrows I have things scheduled on are not guaranteed. I wish I’d have realized, before it was too late.

I love you Sara. And I am sorry my Pride is such a dick.

Here is a link to the GoFundMe page set up by the family to help with expenses.

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It’s a global pandemic! Worldwide Sale of ‘INFECTED’ by James Schannep!


3 Unique Storylines. Over 50 Possible Endings. Just one question…

Will YOU Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Here’s how it works:

You, Dear Reader, are the main character of this story. Live, die, and rise again based solely on the merit of your own choices. Each link represents a choice, and there’s no going back, so choose wisely.

Everyone has their plan; what they’d do to survive if and when the zombies come. Now you can see how you’d hold up against the legions of undead—without needing to call the CDC because crazed bath salts users are trying to eat your face off.

“Infected. Is. So. Good.”A girl just like you.

“Holy $#*% this is awesome!”A guy more or less like you.

‘Fans of The Walking Dead or George Romero’s Living Dead series can now live their own apocalyptic adventure. Like the gamebooks popular in the 1980s-90s (Choose Your Own Adventure, Give Yourself Goosebumps, etc), this is a series where you choose how to progress through the book. Unlike any others, this is the first series designed specifically for adults. And as an ebook, you simply click your choice and the story flows forward for you. No flipping pages.’

[Editor’s note: Because this ebook jumps wildly from link to link, the “Look Inside” function may not work properly. For a clear view on how an “interactive ebook” works, please watch this quick video:

“One February day, when Hephaestus was hitting on The Muses, they began a playful argument: Is it possible for a mortal man to be *too* creative? What would happen to his primitive brain if it were to suddenly overflow with ideas? Zeus, never one to leave an argument to the fate of mere words, sent a lightning bolt to earth where it struck upon a hapless young man–your author, James Schannep.”

“Thus Click Your Poison books were created as a repository to store the overabundant brain fruit. Each of Schannep’s books split into three unique storylines and contain over 50 possible endings. But the fate of each book; nay, of mankind, rests with YOU, dear reader. For it is your choices that will shape the story in these books.”

So dive in and find out:

Will You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? (INFECTED)
Could You Solve a Murder? (MURDERED)
What if You Had Superpowers? (SUPERPOWERED)

Stay up to date with everything CYP, and James Schannep HERE

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Book 2 of ‘Up From the Depths’ by J.R. Jackson is now available!

Acceptable Losses

Fight. Survive. Run!

As the virus sweeps the globe, governments collapse and the military chain of command is in chaos. Those that survived the initial outbreak must now face the horror as 99% of the world’s population has been mutated into flesh-craving psychotics.

There is no safe haven.


E-book Format now available at Amazon and these fine online retailers:

Apple – Submitted to Distributor on Oct. 27, 2015, 3:04 p.m.
Barnes & Noble – Submitted to Distributor on Oct. 27, 2015, 2:33 p.m.
CreateSpace – Requested Listing on Oct. 27, 2015, 1:37 p.m. (approximately 6 days before the physical copy will be available)
Kobo – Submitted to Distributor on Oct. 27, 2015, 2:20 p.m.
Oyster – Submitted to Distributor on Oct. 27, 2015, 2:30 p.m.
Page Foundry – Published on Oct. 27, 2015, 3:06 p.m.
Scribd – Submitted to Distributor on Oct. 27, 2015, 1:50 p.m.
Tolino – Published on Oct. 27, 2015, 2:35 p.m.

“J.R. Jackson is a former U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer. During his naval career, he has been deployed all over the world working with other branches of the U.S. military and military units from foreign countries. The Up From the Depths series is his first venture into fictional writing.”

“He currently provides military technical assistance to other authors and writes reviews for When not writing, he can be found deep in the woods perfecting and teaching the fine art of wilderness survival. He is also a disaster mitigation educator.”

Find out more on outpostzulualpha!

BBB Exclusive Horror Original Urban Legends

The Graveyard by J.R. Jackson

It was a dark and stormy night. Just kidding. It was really a hot summer night, back in the day where you could stay outside and play until the street lights came on. Yeah, that far back.

This was about the mid to late 1970’s. I was in grade school and parents didn’t fear having your children outside. I think I was about 10 maybe 11 and used to ride my bike all over with my best buds, Tom and Brent. We went to school together, rode the same bus, hung out, we were cool in our own young minds.

Thinking it was the summer of ’77, but I digress. We were staying at Tom’s house whose parents were really cool. They let us camp out in the backyard and left us to our own devices. Here we were sitting inside our tent talking about scary things when Brent comes up with the idea to check out the local cemetery. Urban legend said that something was out there, something that roamed the old graveyard.

The cemetery was old. Old like it contained the people who founded the city, old. There were graves dating back to 1840, that’s how old the place was. And it was huge. In a kid’s mind, it went on forever. And it was still being used. I’d been in there a few times in the daytime but Brent was adamant that we had to go there at night. Tonight to be exact. We had to know if it was real, whatever it was that supposedly hanging out there.

We geared up. Fruit roll-ups, orange Crush soda, some Red Vines and of course, our G.I. Joe uniforms that we used to play army in the battlefields of our backyard. ($19.99 at the local J.C. Penny).

The trip went fast, maybe it was excitement, maybe it was adrenaline. The cemetery sat on a hill overlooking the town, its fence, stone and iron and the gates always open. I think that maybe the gates were so old and rusted that they couldn’t be closed. I’m sure you’ve all heard the joke about why cemetery’s have a fence around them because people are dying to get in, but in this case, we all secretly wished that the gates had been closed and locked. We wheeled our bikes over to the fence and hid them in brush before stepping into the entrance and gazing at the garden of stone.

In the center, almost as a line dividing where the old section ended and the new began stood a building that held the urns of the cremated. A mausoleum. In the moonlight, it stood out with its white marble like columns. Somewhere past that building was a small reflecting pond and the new development.

Our mission, should we undertake it, was to get to the building. Simple. However, according to local legend, there was supposed to be ghosts here along with whatever resided inside the mausoleum. Standing in the entranceway, I looked over the monuments half expecting to see some white sheeted apparition floating among the headstones. None were present and that called for a couple of hearty chugs of orange soda. We fortified ourselves with licorice and soda then stepped inside. Nothing happened.

We stepped further inside, still nothing. We looked at each other with silly grins. Whatever was here knew who we were. We were Los Tres Bastardos, the three amigos, the three musketeers; we were Billy Jack, Bruce Lee, and Chuck Norris. Nothing dared come near us.

Confidently, we continued on our mission. About halfway to the building, we heard something. It was subtle but it was there. We paused, tilted our heads to listen and then caught it. It sounded something like thumping, making a dub-dub sound. We looked around, none of us wanting to show fear in front of our best buddies.

There it was again, a little louder. We shrugged it off and continued. Would John Wayne have let a little noise rattle him when he was storming the beaches of Iwo Jima? No way. Not the Duke.

As the building drew nearer, the sound grew louder. With each step we took, the sound increased in tempo and volume until it was steady, like a heartbeat. A rapid heartbeat.

With each step closer to the urn repository, the heartbeat grew in volume. I can remember looking over at Tom and Brent and seeing the wide-eyed look which I’m sure I mirrored. All we had to do was reach the building, check it out and then leave. That was it. We could do that. Pretty sure we could. The goal was right there, just a few feet in front of us. But so was something else. Something inside or in the darkness around us.

I could hear Tom and Brent breathing heavy. I was sure I was doing the same. In reflection, I realize that we were in the flight or fight mode, increasing our blood to oxygen ratio in preparation for whatever.

The mausoleum was right in front of us. It was so close we could make out the names and dates on the plaques. The heartbeat was right there with us as well. It was loud. Loud enough that I swear that filling that I had gotten a few months prior was vibrating.

We stepped closer to the mausoleum, close enough to trace the etched names with our fingers. The noise was incredibly loud. It came from inside, from everywhere. We all touched one of the plaques and looked at each other. Mission accomplished. We had reached the mausoleum, touched it, now it was time to extract. Time to get the Hell out of Dodge. Make like a tree a leave. As one, we turned and faced back the way we had come. It was clear. All we had to do was make it back through the monuments, out the gate and to our bikes. We were home free.

The heartbeat stopped replaced by ethereal silence.

We hesitated. Looking at each other in confusion and then back out at the cemetery. It was a group decision, a mental decision but it was still a decision. Summoning up my best adolescent imitation of Vic Morrow in the Rat Patrol, I shouted:

“Let’s get the Hell out of here!”

Like a shot, we were off. Full spring, dodging headstones, graves, whatever, we looked like profession broken field runners. We reached the gate only to find it closed and padlocked.

In a panic, we grabbed the iron bars and yanked on them to no avail. It was then that the heartbeat started up. Louder, closer, right behind us. I swear I could feel the hot breath of something on my neck.

“We got to go over!” Tom shouted. The three of us grabbed the bars and climbed like our lives depended on it. Hitting the ground on the other side hard enough to sting our feet through our Converse high tops, we grabbed out bikes out of their camouflage and rode away like Satan himself was on our heels.

The ride back didn’t take very long. We dropped our bikes in the backyard and dove into the tent. Safe. Exhaustion claimed us and we slept until morning. In the daylight, we swore each other to secrecy that no one would ever know how we had turned tail and ran from something other worldly.

Years later, I heard the same story from a group of middle school kids. They too had experienced the sound. As an adult, I can conjure up all kinds of theory’s that the sound could have been produced and by what. But, for some reason, I’ve never returned to that cemetery, in daylight, to prove any of those theories.

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Review of BLEEDOVERS by William Todd Rose from Publishers Weekly

4.3 / 5 Stars  * Published by Hydra
Sep 01, 2015 | 136 Pages | ISBN 9781101883693


“Sure to thrill readers of Stephen King, Joe Hill, and Dean Koontz—William Todd Rose’s new dark horror novella is a tale of bloody retribution that blurs the line between the waking world and the terrors of the night.”

Penguin Random House

There’s only one thing standing between humanity and the dark forces of the supernatural: the secret agency known as The Institute. The organization depends on regular guys like Chuck, a Level I Recon and Enforcement Technician who guides tormented spirits into the next life.

From an office deep underground, Chuck projects his spirit into Crossfades, monstrous realms where the souls of the dead, unable to move on due to fear or anger, devise macabre tortures for themselves and one another. He’s always been able to leave his work behind at the end of the day . . . until now.

First in dreams, then in waking nightmares, Crossfades are bleeding into the physical world. And now it’s up to Chuck—along with his partner, a woman named Control—to put a stop to it. Because there’s no telling what might come over from the other side.

Review – Publishers Weekly:

In this breezy sequel to Crossfades (2014), series protagonist Chuck Grainger continues wrangling restless spirits in the limbo-like realm called the Divide. When one sadistic shade tries to return to life, he must help prevent its ghostly revenge. Rose never lets up when it comes to disturbing concepts: the chilling images start with a school that harbors demented killers in the lockers, and they climax with animal body horror. Using elements of real-world ghost-hunting, Rose makes his spooky creations seem plausible. A fast-moving plot builds tension and helps cover for the thinly defined characters (Chuck’s a generic hard-luck hero, Control’s his badass female partner, and Marilee is the child prodigy). This is not a story to linger over, but it has a lot to offer those who love their horror well described and the good/evil divide clearly defined. 

Praise for Bleedovers:
“Rose never lets up when it comes to disturbing concepts. . . . [Bleedovers] has a lot to offer those who love their horror.”—Publishers Weekly
“Bleedovers by William Todd Rose is a strong second novella in a series, and readers will want more of this strange world. . . . Rose has a gift for creating believable science fiction worlds that are wrought with real, and even imagined, dangers around every corner.”—Savvy Verse & Wit
“I give Bleedovers a five out of five.”—Bewitched Bookworms


William Todd Rose writes dark, speculative fiction from his home in West Virginia. His short stories have been featured in numerous anthologies and magazines, and his work includes the novels Cry Havoc, The Dead & Dying,and The Seven Habits, and the novellas Apocalyptic Organ Grinder and Crossfades.

For more information on the author, including links to bonus content, you can visit him online at Amazon, Goodreads, Penguin Random House, and on Zombie Fiend.


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CONTEST! 7 Habits of Highly Infective People

Enter to win an autographed copy of William Todd Rose’s zombie novel ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Infective People’


#1. Visit and like William Todd Rose’s Facebook page

#2. In the Zombie Fiend contest discussion HERE tell us Your opinion on the age-old apocalyptic question:

Which is better defense from the zombie hordes: A Gun or Knife?

Contest Rules
– 2 participants will be randomly selected to receive an autographed copy of WTR’s zombie novel‘The Seven Habits of Highly Infective People’
– Must be a ZF member to win
– One entry per contestant
– Contest ends at Midnight on October 17, 2015

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Jerry McKinney’s ‘DEATH BONDS’

“Death Bonds” gives you love, pain, sacrifice and compassion.

How can horror embody those things? Well, it can.

McKinney managed to come up with a story where he mixes lovely images with gore.

Audio Video Zombie Fiend

Mementos by Jerry W. McKinney

This is a dramatic reading of the first thing Jerry McKinney ever wrote… it got me right in the feels!

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Zombies, Vamps, & Fiends CONTEST!!


Zombies, Vamps, & Fiends CONTEST!!

Enter to win autographed copy of Ash Hartwell’s novel Zombies, Vamps, & Fiends and other ZF swag!

Question: How do YOU describe a Fiend? What is it to be a Fiend?


In this discussion, tell us what YOU think makes a person a Fiend.


2 lucky members will be randomly selected to win autographed copies of Ash Hartwell’s novel Zombies, Vamps, & Fiends and ZF swag

Contest ends at Midnight on September 20, 2015

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Mikhail Lerma is celebrating the release of the third and final book of his Z PLAN series with an online party! There will be contests, games, and prizes from him and other authors. You won’t want to miss out!

Join the event!

Haven’t read the first two books in the series yet? You can check them out here…