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My Beautiful Suicide (Book 1)My Beautiful Suicide by Atty Eve
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cosette Hugo is living in a world of terror. She’s being stalked and tortured by a vicious enemy, while the world leaders turn a blind eye to the daily atrocities.
You guessed it, Cosette is in high-school!

Cozy has been going through a lot of emotional turmoil – her parents have divorced, her brother Victor was killed shortly after returning home from Iraq, and on top of it all – she’s being bullied at school, but has no idea why. She just wants to get through this last week of school so she can enjoy her bully free winter break.
Outside of school, the town is in a panic over the Poser Gang, who’s list of victims is growing at an alarming rate, and hitting closer to home than she is comfortable with.
Like the title suggests, her emotions lead her to a very final decision… suicide. When Cosette makes the decision to end her life, she is worried about the people she’s leaving behind. Instead of leaving them with the questions, guilt, or shame that her suicide may bring, she believes that getting herself killed might be a better way to go. She chooses to try and become one of The Poser’s victims – but this decision brings out a darker side of her that she never knew existed. A side that excites and terrifies her at the same time.

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SNOWMAN SHIVERS: Scary Snowmen Tales By Mark Leslie

SNOWMAN SHIVERS: Scary Snowmen Tales
By Mark Leslie
I found this because of Mark’s brilliant marketing & moved it towards the top of the holiday queue!

THAT OLD SILK HAT THEY FOUND : That snowman you built? He’s alive. He thinks, he speaks, and he feels. They speak to each other, since everyone else is oblivious. Telling tales of what has been, and what is to come. I will never build another snowman as long as I live.

IDES OF MARCH : What would be The Apocalypse to a snowman? Spring? As Charlie sits at his desk, doing his taxes, he learnes that the answer to this question only brings more questions.
* I strongly suggest reading the ‘Afterward’ in this book. The actual events that inspired the stories THAT OLD SILK HAT THEY FOUND and IDES OF MARCH are fascinating. I’m the type of gal who DOES watch DVD commentary, and BTS extras, and I love this part. Learning about the author, and what drives them, is just as interesting to me as the actual stories. Finding out that Mark Leslie is a Calvin & Hobbes fan, too… well, that’s just a bonus to me!

After picking up your copy of SNOWMAN SHIVERS, or anything by Mark, you should consider getting it signed! Mark is a member of the AuthorGraph community, and he just signed mine!
I need to write something up about AuthorGraph / KindleGraph, for anyone who isn’t familiar with it.
Until then, click this link to go directly to Mark Leslie’s AuthorGraph page –