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LARRY by Adam Millard


In 1956, a young boy drowned in Crystal Lake. It was a tragedy that could have been avoided, if the camp counselors weren’t dirty sinners! Sneaking off for a little hanky panky instead of watching the campers turned out to be a mistake that the world paid for – thirteen times.

At the same time, but a different place, young Larry Travers is being terrorized by his fellow campers on the banks of Diamond Creek.
This is not a summer of love.

In 1975, Larry Travers sharpens his axe, dons his new mask, and returns to Camp Diamond Creek after almost twenty years. This is the year that ‘Pigface’ gets his revenge! 1975 becomes the summer of slaughter, and Pigface is happier than a pig in shit! He loves it so much, that he returns in ’76, ’77, and ’78.


The summer of ’78 didn’t end well. His killing spree was fantastic, and he had a respectable body count. But, when he was ready to abide by the new rules, and let the final girl walk free – she double crossed him!
Almost becoming bacon made Larry Pigface Travers rethink his career. If it were ten years later, Larry would have quoted Murtaugh… because he was indeed ‘gettin too old for this shit’.

That pretty much brings us up to speed!


Present day – The summer of 2014
A new generation of Happy Campers are about to take part in the latest sequel in the Diamond Creek franchise. Paying homage to the greats, this batch of soon to be corpses have very familiar names – Voorhees, Loomis, Bateman, and Myers – to name but a few. For that extra ::wink wink nudge nudge::, there’s Lakresha, whose last name might as well be Token, because we know she’s not going to see the dawn.
Following a very specific pattern, on the way to Diamond Creek, they roll into a dilapidated gas station – and the first harbinger. They get their “damn fool kids never learn” words of wisdom, some gas, a case of the willies, and they’re on their way!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch…
A now sixty-five year old Larry Travers is having some quality time with Wilber – (a pig by any other name would be a travesty), and his Ma. Larry is feeling plucky, and decides it’s time for some more fun! He’s still a homicidal lunatic at heart, and the heart is willing.
His bones & joints are singing a different tune, but, he just needs to warm up. Stretch a little. It will be fine…

This was one of the funnest books I’ve read in a long time!
I’m a huge fan of 70’s horror, and 80’s cheese – and Adam Millard captured all the best parts of the era.
When House Of 1000 Corpses was finally released – I was in line on opening night. As a dedicated Fangoria reader, I had been following the progress of the film, and every obstacle that got in Rob Zombie’s way while trying to get it released.
The lights in the theater dimmed, the music started, and I was whisked back in time – back to the horror of the late 70’s. He kept the music authentic, and the film even had that grainy look. Plus, you know…Bill Mosley.
It was perfection.

Reading LARRY gave me that feeling.
I can’t think of any higher praise than that.

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