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THE HOUR OF THE TIME By Vincent Hobbes

A short story by Vincent Hobbes
Charlie is a guy who likes to be on time. No. Charlie likes to be early. To parties, the cinema, the airport…everywhere. He is very obsessive and worried about it. So, today – on the most important day of his life – the day he really wants to be early on…he’s running late!

This story felt like I was watching an old episode of The Twilight Zone. It brought a warm, nostalgic feeling to me, because I enjoyed those very much. If you liked those, you’ll appreciate this. It’s set in a future time, places feel ‘instituional’ and people are more of a number than a name. Not to say that the story is cold. You get to feel just how Charlie ‘is’ – (sign of a good author!) – kind of a nerdy little guy, someone you could work next to for a year, yet forget him completely.

Like with ‘To Read Or Not To Read’ , I had a feeling where the story might be going. That is not a bad thing, because the journey there was well worth it.

A quick read, like I said with the other one… perfect on a cold, dreary day like today. Also available for free download right now on Amazon. I don’t know when the sale ends – but it’s priced at 99¢, less than a cup of coffee! Easy to pick up either way. I’m off to read the last one I downloaded, and the one Vincent told me to save for last.

Book Reviews Fiction Horror Short Story

THEY By Vincent Hobbes

A short story by Vincent Hobbes
Two couples on vacation in Colorado when they run out of gas on a back mountain road during a blizzard, one that has dumped 3″ of snow on them in a matter of minutes.

Freezing cold & scared to death, the men leave their wives to walk up the road toward the light they see. A gas station. Everything will be ok… right?

One of the men returns, bloody and missing two things he left with. His brother and a body part.

I can’t say more, for fear of spoiling it for everyone. It’s a short horror story that got my stomach tense, and brought on that uncomfortable claustrophobic feeling in the short amount of time I was there. Not a lot of authors can pull that off.

I’ve enjoyed the three stories I read by Vincent Hobbes today, and I will be reading more of his work. I recommend his work for both horror fans & non. Reading his work brings on the nostalgia of watching The Twilight Zone late at night. Maybe that’s just me, but it’s where my mind takes me, and in case you can’t tell – it’s a very good thing.

Book Reviews Fiction Horror Short Story

TO READ OR NOT TO READ By Vincent Hobbes

To Read Or Not To Read
Vincent Hobbes

MegaMad 4 Books recently asked me, “If you could be sucked into your favorite book, what would it be?”. I still haven’t answered the question, because… I’d be killed. Violently! But, that question reminded me of this story – TO READ OR NOT TO READ By Vincent Hobbes.

Shelby – while waiting for her daughter to finish up at a skating party, stops by a book store in the area to kill some time. What she finds there is very strange – the store does not sell books, it sells time. Time to sit in a reading room. As strange as it sounds, two other customers just love it, one coming in every week and the other visits three times a week! I kind of had a feeling around now, that I knew where the book was headed – but, even so… it did not disappoint.

~~~~~~~MAY BE SPOILERS~~~~~~~

The books – or the rooms – or the owner… are magical. You open the book to a part you are interested in, and as you begin to read – you go into the story. Live it. You can ride down the river with Tom Sawyer, or stand and watch Tara burn while Rhett doesn’t give a damn. The store owner cares about his patrons. He cares enough to read everything before putting it on the shelf, so he can remove any parts of a book that may put his customers in peril. But, there are so many books. Can he be sure he checked them all?

Great story, and a quick read on a cold & dreary day like this. Also – free download on Amazon right now. Hurry & catch the sale while it lasts. If you don’t, it’s still a steal at 99¢. I grabbed 3 titles from this author, Vincent Hobbes, and I’m finishing this review now so I can go read the next one!