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VERMIN By Allison M. Dickson

VerminVermin by Allison M. Dickson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Scooping up a new (to me) short from Allison M. Dickson is always a treat. Even if I don’t know what it’s about when I pick it up, I do know that there will be horror, and there will most likely be some humor – my literary Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!! “You got your Horror in my Humor!”, “You got your Humor in my Horror!”
Vermin is a squirmy, and sometimes uncomfortable read! Along with my hatred of the creepy-crawly, I have just recently read a Weird News article, with pictures, about an area in Australia that suffered major rainfall – leading to most of the land flooding. People were temporarily relocated, and the pics showed houses, fields, & trees covered by a fine, white ‘layer’ of what turns out to be spider webs!!Aaarrrgggggghhh!!! ::shudders:: The flooding forced these big, ugly, poisonous spiders to relocate, too. The web that is covering EVERYRHING (everything! Even saw a covered dog!) is jam packed with these things, not just a lot of unoccupied real estate with a spider here n there. Nope. Any direction you turn – you’re walking into something and getting a face-full of spiders. So, yeah… bad timing on my part!!
I dare you to look! If you Google safer pics of just the trees, it’s almost pretty – if you don’t remember the horrifying details.
THAT, along with Allison’s descriptive writing really put me right along side of Oscar while he goes through this haunted & infested house. Ok, well – maybe not along side of… how about a step behind? Oscar is already regretting his decision to do this job. He could have switched jobs with another exterminator after hearing about the house’s history, and the extent of the infestation, but he knows decisions like that are never forgotten by the bosses. They’re never forgotten by your co-workers, either! Rumors among the troops can ruin your reputation faster than any actual screw up, so he pulls up his big-boy pants, laces his boots, and heads into a nightmare worse than anything he could have ever imagined!
Be warned – if you’re phobic, you may be sleeping with the lights on for a night. Or seven.

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