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Keith: A Story of Friendship and Violence by Andrew Lennon

I am Jack’s prefrontal cortex.
I am Jack’s psychosis.


Keith: A Story of Friendship and Violence

by Andrew Lennon

Shadow Girl’s Rating – 5/5 Stars



We all have ‘those‘ days.
You know what I mean… those terrible days when you’ve fallen into a vortex of suck, and every. single. person. you encounter makes you want to stab them in the neck with a fork.
Daydreams of murder & mayhem consume us; we mentally debate various body disposal methods, and map out dump sites with a smile on our face while being talked down to by various people with superiority complexes.
Wait, what? You don’t?
Oh, well… me either.
I was talking about someone else.
I was referring to my buddy ‘SWIM’, not me.

John is having these days more often than not, and they’re not just at work anymore. He is starting to become a very dark, and angry person.
He gets lost in his thoughts as a means of escape, and his imagination is growing darker, and more dangerous each day – until he meets Keith.
His unexpected new friend shows him that his life doesn’t have to be boring, or degrading. Life can actually be fun! He can go to new places, do exciting things, meet interesting people…
For the first time in his life, John begins to enjoy himself, and he is finally actually happy.
However, he soon realizes that Keith is not as he appears. John jumped into this bromance with both feet, and he might have jumped in way too fast.
Keith has a [Tyler] ‘Durden-esque’ dark side; he is dangerous. He is rapidly getting out of control, and he is taking John along for the ride – whether he wants to go or not.

* Bonus points for the Throw a Punch Easter Egg on p25!

The Bloody Book Blogger gives ‘KEITH’ a glowing 5/5 rating  ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ 

“I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.”
~ Peace, Love & Necrophilia Shadow Girl



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