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Unlucky In Death
Dan Dillard

Warning! This review will contain spoilers!

Proceed at your own risk!

Picture this – you’re a morning person, you love all the noms that make life worth living (coffee, garlic, pizza, BACON..), and you get queasy & faint at the sight of blood. What would you do if you were suddenly turned into a vampire?! That is David’s problem, and this is David’s story.

Unlucky In Death is a hilarious short by Dan Dillard, chronicling the beginning of David’s death. Undeath. New life?

So… what’s does a newly undead creature, with all these problems, do in this situation?

Seek therapy?

Why not? It works for the living. Why not the undead?

Therapy leads him to seek out his attacker and try to find some answers. And, Dracula Bob has answers alright! This whole undead gig… it might just turn out OK!

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