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Marsha’s Morbid Museum Of Macabre – coming soon from Sea Caummisar

From The Dark Mind Of Sea Caummisar –  ‘Marsha’s Morbid Museum Of Macabre’ Warning: This isn’t a very bloody book, however there are a couple scenes that deal with animals. If you have any sort of animal sensitivity…. this might not be the book for you. You’ve been warned! Marsha’s fascination with displaying corpses in […]

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Coming Soon From the Dark Mind of Sea Caummisar: Acrotomophilia Maniac

The dark mind of Sea Caummisar brings us a story that the director of ‘Boxing Helana‘ would call FUCKED UP! Release Date June 12, 2020 – Available for pre-order! Acrotomophilia: The deriving of sexual gratification from fantasies or acts involving an amputee. After Willard’s wife was disfigured in a car accident, he found himself to […]