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Coming Soon from Terry M. West

Welcome To All Kinds Of Hell

Release Date May 29, 2020
I requested an ARC to R&R

The Devil’s List is a dark tale of insanity and horror from Terry M. West. In the small Texas town of Pleasant Storm during the summer of 1985, Chuck Beall embarks on a journey of brutality and madness. Convinced he’s possessed by a demon that compels him to kill, Chuck’s murderous attention shifts from random transients to those he blames the most for his abusive past.

I see the sign welcoming me to Pleasant Storm and I get a warm, fuzzy feeling. It feels like coming home, and this is right where I’m supposed to be. It’s good to be back. 

Chuck Beall has been picked on his whole life. Family, school mates, town folk, no one missed a chance to remind he was different, unwanted, and unloved. They beat it into him hard enough that he’d never forget.
Tormented, and wandering around late one night out by the old Campbell property, Chuck comes face to face with a demon his mama used to tell legends about – The Plat-Eye.
Now that he’s not walking alone anymore, it’s time to turn the sins back onto the sinners, and everything is about to change. Revenge is going taste sweet, and warm.

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“I gave my life away. And what’s left inside hurts me, most of the time.” ~ Gary Hack


I learned some important rules about porn from William Tea, and there’s one rule that stands out here –
Rule 34: ‘If it exists, there’s porn of it.’

Gary Hack was a well known, and respected director – at one time.
But, after diving head-first into the world that surrounds the adult film industry, he found that he wasn’t strong enough to break the surface and swim back home.
These days Gary just wades through his existence with opiate-dulled senses, and he lurks among the Night Things with hopeless abandon. His film career now consists of directing underground fetish / exploitation videos. A dark piece of monster porn that he directed has gained the attention of Mr. Johnny Stücke – an entirely new kind of monster. One that inspires fear in the hearts of men, and Night Things.
Johnny Stücke knows that The Night Things are going to start climbing out of the shadows, and they’ll soon be making their way up the financial food chain. When there is money being made, there’s money to be spent… Johnny sees what the future holds for monster porn, so he’s hiring infamous director Gary Hack to create the greatest fringe-fetish video of all time.

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Gary Hack
Gary Hack
Johnny Stücke
Johnny Stücke


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THE ROSE MAN (Single Shot Short Story Series Book 12) by Terry M. West

It’s the summer of 1987. Dane Morrison, and his wife Helen, have been happily married for twenty years. The single red rose he bought for her was an impulse buy, as much for her as it was for the vagrant he purchased it from. Dane didn’t know, couldn’t possibly know, that this single act of tenderness & goodwill would be the beginning of a horrifying journey.


While at work the following week, Dane was thinking about the rose that he had purchased for his wife, and smiling to himself. His smile was short lived, however, as he watched his co-worker stroll into the office late. Again. He looked like shit, and smelled of alcohol, but what Dane noticed was the six roses that Willie was carrying.
Dane saw The Rose Man again on his way home from work, and was surprised to learn that he had been robbed. Some thief snatched a bunch of red roses from The Rose Man’s hand as he drove by. He didn’t tie the two events together right away. But when his co-worker died a grisly death, it was a connection that could not be ignored.

The Rose Man is the twelfth book in the Single Shot Short Story Series from Terry M. West.

You can find THE ROSE MAN on Amazon, Goodreads, Library Thing, and Shelfari.

You can find Terry M. West on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter. He also spreads darkness on his official website – A Psycho’s Medley.
Terry is also the managing editor of the Halloween/Horror website Halloween Forevermore.

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Cecil & Bubba meet a Succubus (Single Shot Short Story Series)Cecil & Bubba meet a Succubus by Terry M. West
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You say succubus, Bubba says suck-a-bus.
tomaytoe / tamahtoe

Cecil and Bubba do odd jobs for money. Not the kind of odd jobs that we think about when we hear that phrase, but literally – ODD jobs. They like to gamble, drink, and hunt tail, so no matter how many odd jobs they do – they never have enough money.
The boys got into some big trouble last week when they accidentally ran over the dog of a gypsy named Rosalita Parez. She cursed the boys on the spot. Bubba remembered the words that she spoke – “doomed to be plagued by strange and evil until the end of their days”. The phrase kept repeating itself in his mind, even during the latest odd job that Cecil & Bubba were hired to do by Conrad Woods.
Whether it was the power of a succubus, or the power of the curse, Bubba Teague and Cecil McGee learned that these evil forces are not things that they want to mess with… especially this close to Halloween.
The dark humor had me cracking up – I’m really excited to read the ongoing adventures of Cecil & Bubba!

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Midnight Snack (Single Shot Short Story Series)Midnight Snack by Terry M. West
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Due to a nasty wreck on the interstate, Calvin decided to get off on an unfamiliar exit and take a long-cut home. His stomach was reminding him that it was past dinner time, and he wasn’t looking forward to his plate of leftovers that his wife had waiting for him. His mind was wandering while he was traveling down the lonely road, and he didn’t take notice of how long he’d been driving, or how desolate the area was.
Not only was Calvin lost, but he got lost in a dead zone, no cellular signal, no gps, and a minimal radio signal. He encounters another stranded traveler on the side of the road, and things just keep feeling stranger to Calvin. When they hit the drive-thru of the only restaurant on their lost highway, things go from strange to about an 11 on the wierd-shit-o-meter.

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MORSEL by Terry M. West

Morsel (Single Shot Short Story Series)Morsel by Terry M. West
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fetish and dark fantasy are the key to making the unhappy man happy.
He needs to be in control, and the hooker that he calls to his hotel room was more than happy to play along, until she accidentally defended herself a bit too aggressively.
The unhappy man’s appetite is satiated, and he is the happy man. For now. But the desire to have another morsel will come back all too soon.

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Terry M. West

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CAR NEX by Terry M. West

CAR NEXCAR NEX by Terry M. West

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Adam Campbell apparently never watched horror movies like The Evil Dead, or The Gate. If he had watched some 80’s horror flicks, he would have known NOT to read aloud from any ancient tomes. Alas, Adam did not know the rules on that night in September.
In 1965 something was released in Pleasant Storm, Texas. Something evil.
Now, Adam needs to harness the storm cloud of fangs & talons before more people die.

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The Giving of Things Cold & Cursed (Single Shot Short Story Series Book 9)The Giving of Things Cold & Cursed by Terry M. West
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Johnson’s are keepers of cursed objects. Baker and his uncle are like Sam & Dean Winchester, hunting down these rare pieces to keep the world safe from evil.
After his uncles death he arrives at the deceased’s apartment; what he finds when he gets there chills him to the core.
The Giving of Things Cold & Cursed is the most recent short story that I’ve read by Terry M. West, and they all have managed to turn the creep-o-meter up to an eleven so far.

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