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Only $22.50 from

Authors Supporting Our Troops 4

Hurry! Time is runningout!

FIVE different styles to choose from!

I just learned about this campaign! I jumped on Twitter a little bit ago, (that’s an account that needs more of my attention!), and saw the tweet from Armand Rosamilia (@ArmandRosamilia) about the cause – AUTHORS SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Here is what the campaign page says…

“Help a great cause! I’m collecting new books actually signed by the authors themselves to ship overseas to our troops who cannot get easy access to books. But this will cost a lot of money, and I am hoping to sell a few of these shirts to offset the cost and at the same time get something into your hands to proudly display your support for the troops and this event!”

WAIT! It gets better!!

I just went back to grab links for this post, and found out that even though the Authors Supporting Our Troops 4 campaign is ending in about 18 hours, Authors Supporting Our Troops 5 was just launched – with PINK tees! So much YES!! Almost three weeks until Campaign 5 ends.

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