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ISO a few good madmen…

I originally asked @screamfix if I could share this post here because I think it’s a legit, no-bullshit offer that will¬†be¬†a win/win for everyone. Plus,¬†I¬†know a handful of BBB readers who will want to jump on this immediately.¬†

But,¬†there IS¬†another reason…

I want to shine the spotlight on D√∂n & Donna Harrison, and¬†The screamfix Horror Community¬†for a minute, and¬†I really hope that everyone will check them¬†out. I believe¬†that screamfix and Shadow Girl started out¬†with a similar intent – to¬†SUPPORT/PROMOTE INDIE HORROR!¬†Or, as¬†screamfix so eloquently puts it¬†–

‚ÄúPromoting creators of independent horror by feeding rabid horror fans‚ÄĚ

♥ You gotta give it up for Oscar Wilde-like wordplay that good! ♥

This is the point where I would usually start detailing all the awesome, but not this time.¬†I don’t need to. Check them out. I’ll be surprised if you tell me that you disagree. I’ll be rockin’ my screamfix Horror Community badge here on BBB,¬†while I think of ideas, stuff, and things – hopefully there will be a Horror Network badge to keep it company soon.

Support & promote independent horror, dark fiction, and sci-fi in all their various forms: movies, books, poems, comics, artwork, music, games, fashion, etc.  Write a review. Share a link. Update your status. Tweet the deets. Tell a friend. Call your mom. Shout it from the rooftops!



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