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We Don’t Talk About Her by Andersen Prunty

Synopsis:  Clint is a laughable stalker who lives in a hoard with his decaying mother. Stella is his current fascination, but Clint has no idea what kind of woman Stella is. She’s playing a lifelong game and only she knows the rules. Now she’s made a wrong move and finds herself at Clint’s house, victim […]

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OFFLINE by Kealan Patrick Burke

Offline by Kealan Patrick Burke My rating: 5 of 5 stars I really enjoyed this #ss by Kealan Patrick Burke! It was a quick read, but there is a lot of suspense, and cat-fishing going on in the 42 pages of Offline. It’s written in a style that resembles social media posts, and an online […]

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Voyeur Dead Reloaded Alan Gandy Calvin A. L. Miller II ALWAYS GET PICTURES! That’s the first thing I think of. Someone calls, there has been an accident, someone is headed to the ER… I say ‘Take a picture’! No one ever does. They ALWAYS regret it. Voyeur Dead Reloaded was written for me! The Zompoc […]