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SNOWMAN SHIVERS: Scary Snowmen Tales By Mark Leslie

SNOWMAN SHIVERS: Scary Snowmen Tales
By Mark Leslie
I found this because of Mark’s brilliant marketing & moved it towards the top of the holiday queue!

THAT OLD SILK HAT THEY FOUND : That snowman you built? He’s alive. He thinks, he speaks, and he feels. They speak to each other, since everyone else is oblivious. Telling tales of what has been, and what is to come. I will never build another snowman as long as I live.

IDES OF MARCH : What would be The Apocalypse to a snowman? Spring? As Charlie sits at his desk, doing his taxes, he learnes that the answer to this question only brings more questions.
* I strongly suggest reading the ‘Afterward’ in this book. The actual events that inspired the stories THAT OLD SILK HAT THEY FOUND and IDES OF MARCH are fascinating. I’m the type of gal who DOES watch DVD commentary, and BTS extras, and I love this part. Learning about the author, and what drives them, is just as interesting to me as the actual stories. Finding out that Mark Leslie is a Calvin & Hobbes fan, too… well, that’s just a bonus to me!

After picking up your copy of SNOWMAN SHIVERS, or anything by Mark, you should consider getting it signed! Mark is a member of the AuthorGraph community, and he just signed mine!
I need to write something up about AuthorGraph / KindleGraph, for anyone who isn’t familiar with it.
Until then, click this link to go directly to Mark Leslie’s AuthorGraph page –

Book Reviews Fiction Horror Short Story

THEY By Vincent Hobbes

A short story by Vincent Hobbes
Two couples on vacation in Colorado when they run out of gas on a back mountain road during a blizzard, one that has dumped 3″ of snow on them in a matter of minutes.

Freezing cold & scared to death, the men leave their wives to walk up the road toward the light they see. A gas station. Everything will be ok… right?

One of the men returns, bloody and missing two things he left with. His brother and a body part.

I can’t say more, for fear of spoiling it for everyone. It’s a short horror story that got my stomach tense, and brought on that uncomfortable claustrophobic feeling in the short amount of time I was there. Not a lot of authors can pull that off.

I’ve enjoyed the three stories I read by Vincent Hobbes today, and I will be reading more of his work. I recommend his work for both horror fans & non. Reading his work brings on the nostalgia of watching The Twilight Zone late at night. Maybe that’s just me, but it’s where my mind takes me, and in case you can’t tell – it’s a very good thing.