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Think you’re hardcore? Think again.
I thought I was HARDER than hardcore, and… I didn’t handle this as easily as I believed I would. (That’s evident by the amount of time that passed between my first reading and this post!)

My showers are never hot enough any more.
The backs of my eyeballs itch.
I think I caught something, a VVD¹.


Enjoy the tour, friends. Enjoy the gang-bang. You may need psych drugs afterwards, you may need an air-sick bag and a steam shower, but I feel confident that you will be provocatively moved by this book.”
~ Edward Lee, from his introduction

The Stories –

Bottom Feeder:
Hitting the bar right before last call isn’t the most opportune time to pick up a super-model. The best this guy could snag tonight was a blonde with a very slow metabolism. Her slow metabolism might have been a contributing factor to what happened at about 3:36 am, but that’s not even close to being the worst part of the night.

Damaged Goods:
Von & Greg can’t believe their luck when they come across their favorite porn star look-alike on the side of the road. The little part about her already being dead was not of any concern to these guys. There are a couple of moments when you might think one brother is sicker than the other, but let me assure you – that’s not the truth.
Yeah… this is the first of the gag-inducing stories, but if you have a weak stomach you probably wouldn’t be interested in this book or checking out this review!

Sharing Needles:
‘The Slave Killer’ claimed the lives of between four [confirmed] and eighteen [unconfirmed] women before disappearing. Twenty-five years later, the murders have started again. Is ‘The Bartok Butcher’ mimicking the brutal killings, or has ‘The Slave Killer’ returned to finish what he started?
There’s a hidden journal with ALL of the answers written inside, but will the right person find it before it’s too late? It depends on who you’re rooting for. In the end, I’m sure that the right person walked away.

Genital Grinder: A Snuff Act in 5 Acts:
Von & Greg are together again, and this time it’s not just for a bit of necrophiliac debauchery. No sir. This time is for fun & profit. The boys are going to lay the Urban Legend to rest and produce the world’s first sanctioned snuff film – ‘Genital Grinder’.
They’ve acquired THE Geisha Hammond, (the mouth-fuckable news anchor who’s lived through the previous stories), and the REAL Lolita Ream, (the look-alike having been used for the above mentioned necrophiliac debauchery in DAMAGED GOODS). These two women will be the stars of Von & Greg’s first film.
WARNING: It’s not just all about the blood, and the gore. This one almost made me puke.

A lot of people don’t realize that when you take your film in to be developed – the person who is developing it actually sees your photos. There are others who do realize, but just don’t care.
Alex is one of the faceless individuals that develops film, and believe me when I tell you that he is looking at the photos. He has even started printing off extra copies for his own personal collection.
When he recognizes some missing girls in a set of photos, he decides to pay the customer a visit – and it’s not because he’s a good Samaritan.

The ‘Taste Of Death’ videos are labeled as ‘shockumentaries‘, and advertise real deaths caught on tape. Clips of accidents, murders, and animal attacks are collected and pieced together to form 90 minute videos.
‘Taste Of Death 9: Grave Matters’ is about to be released, and Gabriel could hardly wait. He’d watched each of the first eight videos at least three times. When he thinks he recognizes the ‘shotgun to the face’ guy standing on a street corner, alive and with 100% of his skull, he feels totally betrayed. After a bit of research, and some amature investigation, Gabriel is sure he has figured out what is going on.
Then he sees ‘TOD9’ and realizes just how wrong he is.

Genital Grinder II: Dis-Membered:
We get to finish off this thrill ride with a little bit more of Von & Greg’s nauseating shenanigans! These two are bound & determined to become millionaires, and since their little snuff film didn’t pan out quite right – it’s back to the drawing board. They decide to dive headfirst into the oh-so lucrative business of penis-napping, but without a lick of common sense between them… well, becoming millionaires STILL may not be as easy as they thought.

Let me wrap this up by throwing in a few final thoughts –
Up until now, the only other work I’ve read by Ryan Harding was in Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road, so I don’t have a lot of back material to go on, (but, we know that Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road DID have some fun & nauseating moments for me). I think that Genital Grinder wins the trophy for being the most difficult book I’ve ever read. Reading it this second time (to help write the review) wasn’t any easier. BUT – underneath the buckets of blood, vomit, and bodily fluids, these are really great stories. If you don’t think you have the stomach to even attempt the worst, then start off by reading the shorts without Von & Greg. Start with DEVELOPMENT, and SHARING NEEDLES – they’re outstanding stories, and well worth the price of the book.
I love how certain characters, (like news anchor Geisha Hammond), are referenced in almost every story, along with the other little nods & winks (the Gaping Anus video being my favorite tie-in >.< ) that bond them all together.

Have you already read GG? Leave me some comments! Let me know your thoughts on the book and/or the author – good or bad. I’m very curious to hear other opinions.

¹ virtual venereal disease

Ryan Harding on Amazon
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Ryan Harding on Deadite Press

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A Hacked-Up Holiday Massacre:

Halloween is Going to be Jealous

24 holiday themed horror shorts by some of the leading names in the genre. You want blood? You’ll get buckets.


In my best ‘Joe Dirt’ impersonation…”When good fetishs go bad, dang!” In a style that only Jack Ketchum can deliver, this story of extreme S&M, and the lengths some people will go to for sexual pleasure, will make you cringe!

Boyd E. Harris tells us the story of Patrice, and how she comes to put her love life into the hands of an online dating service, Agent Cupid, and the bizarre man behind the Agent Cupid program.

February 29th is a day of chaos. The day that shouldn’t be. Thank goodness it only comes once every four years. In this Leap Day themed short by Patcick Shand, Logan learns just how sinister this day can be.

In PINCH by Shane McKenzie, we’re in a dark & gloomy back-alley with Slim and his dog Luther. Starving, homeless, & strung out, Slim is just trying to be invisible to the drunken bar-hoppers. He knows that in the spirit of the holiday, if you’re not wearing any green on St. Patrick’s Day, you can get ‘pinched’ by other SPD celebrators. It’s a shame that his dog Luther is color-blind.

In this Easter themed short from Lee Thomas, we’re spending the day with Sally, her family, and… her memories. She finds Easter, and it’s traditions, distasteful. But, she won’t ruin her daughters holiday. She covers her disgust by feigning disinterest, but she will never forget that Easter of her tenth year. She’ll go to any lengths to assure her daughters holiday will never include her Uncle Easter Bunny or his ‘egg hunts’.

Emma Ennis tells the tale of Easter in the town of Murrins. It is not a time of fluffy bunnies or chocolate eggs. Murrins has a dark and embarassing history. One that returns to haunt the towns inhabitants, and to remind them – the sins of the father are to be laid upon the children.

In this short by Kevin Wallace, Arbor Day is celebrated by the trees – and this year…they’re pissed!

Kirk Jones pens a different kind of Arbor Day tale this time around. One where the plants and humans intertwine to become one grotesque creature. A creature that doesn’t want to be alone!

A creepy twist on Earth Day from author Leslie Connor – The last place Matt wants to be is in the woods, with his family, just because his step-dad wants to plant a tree for Earth Day. But this Earth Day awakens something evil in these woods, and Matt doesn’t know if he, or his family, will make it out alive.

Author John McNee knows how to ruin a perfectly heavenly Mexican dinner! This is a Cinco De Mayo celebration story of four boys and a prank gone horribly wrong. A short story about the obsession of revenge!

I do, I do!  “Out in the country, no one will hear you scream!”
When I talked to A.J. Brown, he told me that Mother’s Day was not his first choice of holidays to write a horror short about, but he wrote one that will stick with me forever!
Cyrus is a down home, good ole boy. He hates kids and goes to any lengths to ensure he never has any of his own. Extreme lenghts. But, when he finds a woman to settle down with – she’s willing to use even more extreme measures to make sure she gets the child she wants. Who will emerge the victor?

Steve Lowe has created many holidays for this story, but – it’s mainly a story about Fathers Day. Set in an apocalyptic future, one faimly goes to extreme lenghts to make sure the father is our of their lives for good.

SunVerge is having its annual Employee Appreciation Day picnic & festivities. The employees have their own hidden agendas for this event. A team building exercise based on a Venesualan tradition, La Tomatina, is being incorporated into the event – hopefully to let workers get out some of their aggressions in a fun and structured environment. The author, Chris Lewis Carter, had more in mind for us readers, and twisted together a story violence & revenge for this outing! Who will make it out alive ? I’m looking forward to reading more of CLC’s works!

For World Animal Day, Matt Kurtz writes us a story about revenge on the cowardly assclowns who abuse animals for
fun. Taking revenge on as ‘an eye for an eye’ task – this story is pretty gruesome. Scenes of violence against the animals disturbed me more than the extreme violence on the humans, tho!!

BY BIZARRE HANDS is a story about a traveling preacher, trying to spread salvation (among other things) & His word.  Joe R. Lansdale wrote this Halloween short story about Preacher Judd, who’s gotten wind of a retarded girl who is in need of some of bible-learning. A girl just like his late sister, the one who died on Halloween many years ago. If he can get some God-Sense into this girl – maybe he’ll be able to let his sister rest in peace.

A Halloween story by John Bruni.
Sid & Stan. Identical twin brothers, with urges… like their father and their grandfather before them. At one time – they were the perfect yin and yang. These days, everything surrounding Stan is a cluster-fuck that Sid wants no part of. They were taught that family means everything. But, Sid has his own family now. A family that he has taught well.
This is a cute story, and I especially liked the line… “You’ve had enough fun for one night. It’s bedtime. Take your uncles face off.” HALLOWEEN Fun for the whole family!! Hahaha

This Veteran’s Day story by Lee Thompson is about a retired soldier, trying to come to terms with his past. He can’t hide from his own mind and the memories of things he had done. The story is told in journal form, as he is trying to cope with the ghosts.

I hate to admit this, but this short story was my first experience with Wrath James Wright! I know! Right? For a lover of sick & twisted like myself – I should have started ages ago. I have many full lenghth novels in my queue now, so… fear not! Many reviews to come! NOW… about Pascal’s Wager… I loved this. The obsession with “which religion is the right one” is taken to such a bizarre extreme! Although this is set during our traditional November Thanksgiving – it touches base with traditions from every religion during this time of year. It has an ending that will leave you with your jaw hanging open & a WTF expression on your face.

A SPECIAL SURPRISE AT THANKSGIVING DINNER by Elle Richfield is another SS surrounding Thanksgiving, but this one focuses more on a traditional family holiday than on one guy in November. Hector has prepared a special holiday feast for his fat wife Norma, and her bitch of a mother Ilene. The women that were the bane of his existence all these years. But, with some luck, and a special recipe, he’s going to turn into the bane of theirs. Not a traditional family Thanksgiving story, but one I’ll remember every year as the turkey is about to be carved! I can’t wait until someone asks me why I’m smirking at the table this year. I’ll just be thankful if I can hold my tongue!

Bently Little believes that you’re never too old to believe in Santa. The man in this story is surprised when he finds out his 23 year old wife honestly believes in the fat man. He’s shocked when he is awoken on Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning by sounds on the roof… then inside his home. He is horrified by what he learns about Christmas this year, and what takes the place of candy & toys for adults. But he’s even more terrified when his wife brings up The Easter Bunny a couple of months later!

Christmas miracles are few & far between during these hacked up holidays. So – keep your eyes peeled when Ty Schwamberger gives us a serial killer Christmas! A murderous Santa breaking into homes on Christmas eve, and hanging more than just stockings from the fireplace.
“The hands are hung by the chimney with care…
In hopes that folks from everywhere far and wide, will know that Christmas is the time to die.”

A Christmas SS by Marie Green
Sunshine (aka Sunny) is full of joy this morning! As she sneaks outside to take a peek at the neighbors beautiful Christmas tree, she has an idea… she is going to decorate the tree in the yard as a surprise for her family. And, they are really surprised when they wake up and see what she’s done.

A group of friends decide to sneak across the border into Mexico. One of them has a ‘girlfriend’ in the area whose parents are out of town for the holidays, and she will have the house to herself. They’ve saved up some cash and are ready for an adventure! But… the adventure they run into is not what they had in mind! One of the guys escapes after watching his friends die , and THATS when the fun really starts! It’s The Day of the Innocents and Elias Siqueiros is going to teach you all about it.

Well…we’ve come full circle  )O(  Nate Southard is rounding-up this collection with a SS  about the last New Year’s Eve that mankind will ever celebrate. Told through a series of journal entries from one of the men who helped introduce ‘The Complex’ to an unsuspecting Manhattan. It’s happening all over the world, The Complex is being released and a handful of people have volunteered to watch and take notes until they’ve succumbed to the virus. A great story and IMO – an absolutely perfect ending to this anthology!

A Hacked-Up Holiday Massacre was edited by Shane Mackenzie.
I’ve gotten to chat with, or became friends with most of the authors since reading this. So, even though a ton of work went into getting this post together on time – it was worth every second of editing, formatting, and a lengthy html headache.
(You’ll need to ask my husband if my overly-anal editing was worth the time he had to spend fixing the vacuum cleaner that mysteriously fell apart all on it’s own – with no help from me whatsoever. I wasn’t even in the same room.

I didn’t do it.
Nobody saw me do it.
You can’t prove anything.



* CHRIS LEWIS CARTER can be reached at –



* BOYD E. HARRIS works at, and can be reached at –

* FUN FACT: Joe R. Lansdale wrote BUBBA HO TEP, the one that our Main Man BRUCE’s movie was based on! He’s also featured in Showtime’s MASTERS OF HORROR series. You can contact him on Facebook – helluva guy!

* TY SCHWAMBERGER’s official Blog is right here on WP –


* LEE THOMAS’s Blog can be found at –

* LEE THOMPSON’s official Blog –

Most of the authors have Facebook pages, but until I get permission from everyone – I won’t post any addresses. That shouldn’t stop you from looking them up on your own & reaching out to tell them how you felt about their work. I’ll ask my Facebook stalker expert if she has any tips to share!
I hope you had fun with this one. I took a different approach, and I liked how the reviews turned out. Let me know if you felt the same – all comments are appreciated.

A Hacked-Up Holiday Massacre: Halloween is Going to be Jealous on Amazon

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Fables For The Sick And Twisted
by Jeremiah Cress


This review was originally posted on 4/02/13

Scoop up your own copy of 7S³ for FREE on Amazon! Then pop over to his author page and tell him we’re waiting for more…

WARNING: Stories contain scenes of violence that may shock or disturb some readers.

With a mixture of dark humor and creepy storytelling, this collection of bloody and disturbing tales is both entertaining and downright chilling. Each story, with its creepy tone and terrifying set of events, exposes a real and terrifying fact; that no one is ever safe.


• Right now, she’s being hunted. It all happened so fast! One minute, she’s celebrating at her annual birthday party with her besties, some drinks, some laughs… good tiimes. A minute later- she’s hiding from the man who destroyed everything, and left pieces of her friends in his wake! This ss is tense & uncomfortable. I’m kinda pissed at Katy Perry, too.

• Do you realize just how much personal information you put online? For this stalker, social media has made finding his prey almost effortless. This story will make you think about deleting your entire networking persona!

“If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. “
Having to surpress your deepest desires, for [lietrally] as long as you can remember, is not only futile – but it’s also dangerous. When that dam bursts open & the first drop of blood trickles out … nothing will be able to stop the impending tidal wave that is to come.
This one gives a whole new visual to the phrase ‘hold your tongue’! :p

• Waking up bound & gagged in an unfamiliar place, with no memory of how she ended up here… Janice is terrified. Once she calms down, she realizes that the reason it’s hard to breathe is because of the duct tape on her mouth. And, she cannot see because her eyes have been sealed shut. How long do you fight against your restraints, how much pain do you put yourself through, how much silence can you take before you give up? Just give in & accept your fate?

• Keeping a journal is therapeutic, I’ve had one readily available for as long as I can remember – even if my most recent entries have been sporadic, at best. Serial killers need an outlet, too. That’s what this short story is about. Short, but to the point. It has a particularly gruesome murder detailed within its pages, too

• Haven’t finished this story yet – but had to stop to say OHMIGAWD!!! Wait till you see!!!
Ok. I finished … I could have waited, it was only a little more – but… on the Kindle, you’re never really sure. I can’t say too much. I’ll just stick with what everyone tells me. “Smoking is going to kill you.” AbFab story! Please comment – I want to talk ♥

• You’ve heard me say it before – (‘Holiday Horror’ anthologies & Genital Grinder reviews etc.), I love when the shorts give a little nod to each other. Especially if they’re from different authors. This is the same author, but – this final story, ZEN, ties together with the first story, HIDE & SEEK. So so good. It gives the whole collection a nice feel of closure. This time around, told from the killers POV instead of the victims, we get a little deeper into the story… the birthday party, the friends, the killings!

I’m so pleased with this book. I loved each & every SS, and that’s pretty rare. With a lot of anthologies, you’ll get a couple really good ones, and a few ‘meh’ stories. (If you’re lucky – none of em suck). I wished they were longer, I just didn’t want to stop reading. The stories live up to the title! Slightly sadistic stories, written for the sick & twisted! I am going to go on Amazon right now to see what other work is available from Jeremiah Cress!

As always, leave comments – I can’t wait to see how you like it ♥ ~P, L &N~ sg

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