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Reading Is Sexy

Reading is SEXY


Horror Reading Is Sexy

♡ Reading Is Sexy ♡

♡ Reading Is Sexy ♡


Books that make you go… WTF!?

From orgasms to official documents, with a little help from the internet – you can fake just about anything these days. Photo-Shopped covers of popular and classic books can be hilarious. I’ve had numerous posts dedicated to screwing with books, and have often wished that the parodies were real things.

If BREAKING BAD was a Little Golden children's book.
If BREAKING BAD was a Little Golden book.

This time – the books posted are the real deal.
This time – I wish a few were just parodies!

What’s the most bizarre book you’ve ran across?
Leave me a comment, with a link, and I’ll edit it in!

BUY THIS BOOK: Identifying Wood by R. Bruce Hoadley

Yep, that's wood alright!
Yep, that’s wood alright!

BUY THIS BOOK: Still Stripping After 25 Years by Eleanor Burns

It's time to retire, honey!
It’s time to retire, honey!

BUY THIS BOOK: Natural Harvest by Paul Photenhauer
Visit this book’s Amazon page and read the CUSTOMER REVIEWS !

Enough information for an entire book?  OK, ew.
Enough information for an entire book? OK, ew.

BUY THIS BOOK: That’s What She Said by Rayna Green

CollegeHumor stands by this one being real.
I need this book to keep at work.

BUY THIS BOOK: Why Black People Tend To Shout by Ralph Wiley

Who is Ralph Wiley?
Ermm… O.o

BUY THIS BOOK: How to Fix Damn Near Everything by Franklynn Peterson

This is the best use of a HOW-TO book ever.
This is the best use of a HOW-TO book ever.

BUY THIS BOOK: Girl, Get that Child Support by Cathy Middleton Esq.

This one pisses me off.
This one pisses me off a bit. Synopsis: GET HIS MONEY BEFORE HIS OTHER BABY MAMA DOES! Prove he’s the father of your baby, Increase in your current award, Get money from an unemployed baby daddy, Get more money from him along with your child support award!

BUY THIS BOOK: So far, no luck in finding this to buy. I’ve tracked down the picture of a person, Wm Jas’, holding the book for a picture – proof that it does exist.

Book Two Coming Soon - Why Do Gay People Gay?  #EngrishTransrationFail
Book Two Coming Soon – Why Do Gay People Gay?

BUY THIS BOOK: Dressed Up For Murder by Gary Brandner

Don't dress for the job you HAVE - Dress for the job you WANT!
Don’t dress for the job you HAVE – Dress for the job you WANT!

BUY THIS BOOK: Cooking with Poo by Saiyuud Diwong

Isn't poo harvested naturally?
Isn’t poo harvested naturally?

BUY THIS BOOK: 48 Shades of Brown by Nick Earls

Missed it my this much.
Missed it my this much.

BUY THIS BOOK: Images You Should Not Masturbate To by Johnson & Hibbert

You're not the boss of me, book!
You’re not the boss of me, book!

BUY THIS BOOK: How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler
BUY THIS BOOK: How to Read and Why by Harold Bloom

Does the cover price include the author coming home to read it to me?
Does the cover price include the author coming home to read it to me?

Grammar Writing

8 Words To Seek And Destroy In Your Writing

8 Words to Seek and Destroy in Your Writing

Creating powerful prose requires killing off the words, phrases, and sentences that gum up your text. While a critical eye and good judgment are key in this process, some terms almost always get in the way. Here are eight words or phrases that should be hunted down in your story and deleted with extreme prejudice.


“Sudden” means quickly and without warning, but using the word “suddenly” both slows down the action and warns your reader. Do you know what’s more effective for creating the sense of the sudden? Just saying what happens.

“I pay attention to every motion, every movement, my eyes locked on them.
Suddenly, The gun goes off.”

When using “suddenly,” you communicate through the narrator that the action seemed sudden. By jumping directly into the action, you allow the reader to experience that suddenness first hand. “Suddenly” also suffers from being nondescript, failing to communicate the nature of the action itself; providing no sensory experience or concrete fact to hold on to. Just … suddenly.

Feel free to employ “suddenly” in situations where the suddenness is not apparent in the action itself. For example, in “Suddenly, I don’t hate you anymore,” the “suddenly” substantially changes the way we think about the shift in emotional calibration.


“Then” points vaguely to the existing timeline and says, “It was after that last thing I talked about.” But the new action taking place in a subsequent sentence or sentence part implies that much already. You can almost always eliminate your thens without disrupting meaning or flow.

“I woke up. Then I, brushed my teeth. Then I, combed my hair. Then I , and went to work.”

“Then” should be used as a clarifying agent, to communicate that two seemingly concurrent actions are happening in sequence. For example, “I drove to the supermarket. Then I realized I didn’t need to buy anything.” Without the “then,” it would be easy to mistake this as pre-existing knowledge or as a realization that happened during the drive itself. “Then” can occasionally be useful for sentence flow, but keep the use of the word to a minimum.

“In order to”

You almost never need the phrase “in order to” to express a point. The only situation where it’s appropriate to use this phrase is when using “to” alone would create ambiguity or confusion.

“I’m giving you the antidote in order to save you.”

And after ten minutes of brainstorming for an example of a proper time to use “in order to,” I haven’t been able to come up with anything. Legitimate uses of “in order to” are just that few and far between.

“Very” and “Really”

Words are self-contained descriptors, and saying, “Think of tasty. Now think of more tasty” doesn’t help readers develop a better sense of the meal or person you’re describing.

“Her breath was very cold chill as ice against my neck.”

Mark Twain suggested that writers could “substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write ‘very’; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.” Another strategy is to find a more powerful version of the same idea or give concrete details. To say “It was very/really/damn hot” does little, but saying “It was scorching” helps. Even better?: “The air rippled like desert sky as my body crisped into a reddened, dried-out husk.”


Is, am, are, was, or were—whatever form your “is” takes, it’s likely useless. When’s the last time you and your friends just “was’d” for a while? Have you ever said, “Hey, guys, I can’t—I’m busy am-ing”?

The “is” verbs are connecting terms that stand between your readers and the actual description. This is especially true when it comes to the “is” + “ing” verb pair. Any time you use “is,” you’re telling the reader that the subject is in a state of being. Using an “ing” verb tells the audience the verb is in process. By using “is verbing,” you’re telling your audience that the subject is in the state of being of being in the process of doing something.

Take this example:

“I was sprinting sprinted toward the doorway.”

If the description is actually about a state of being—”they are angry,” “are evil,” or “are dead”—then is it up. But don’t gunk up your verbs with unnecessary is, am, or was-ing.


Any action a person takes is started, continued, and finished. All three of these can be expressed by the root form of the verb. For example, “I jumped.” The reader who stops in frustration, saying, “But when did the jump start? When did it finish?” has problems well beyond the scope of the content they’re reading.

If you’ve been doing yoga for six years, you could reasonably say, “I started doing yoga six years ago.” For you, yoga is an ongoing action with a concrete starting point. But when describing action in a story, there are few circumstances where “start” is effective.

Let’s take this case and look at the potential fixes:

He started screaming.

Is it a single scream? Use “He screamed.” Are you telling us his screams will be background noise for a while? Rather than clueing us in unnecessarily, show us the series of screams first-hand. Do you want to introduce a changed state, such as escalating from loud speaking into screaming? Show us the decibels, the gruffness of voice, the way the air feels to the person he’s screaming at, and the hot dryness in the screamer’s throat as his volume crescendos.


“That” is a useful word for adding clarity, but like Bibles on the bedstands of seedy motel rooms, the word’s presence is often out of plac<<e.

When “that” is employed to add a description, you can almost always move the description to before the term and make a more powerful image.

“Ireland was nothing but flowing green hills that flowed green.”

In many other cases, “that” can simply be dropped or replaced with a more descriptive term.

“I was drunk the night that your father and I met.”

Many other uses of “that,” such as “I wish I wasn’t that ugly”, can be enhanced with more descriptive language.


I’m not just saying that, like, you shouldn’t, like, talk like a valley girl (though that too). Here’s the problem: “Like” is used to show uncertainty. And you. Should. Not. Be. Uncertain.

Be bold. When making a comparison, use force. Use metaphor over simile. Don’t let yourself cop out by coming up with a halfway description.

“My eyes rested on the gun for a sliver of a moment. I snapped forward, grabbed it, and it was like the chill metal flowed from the gun into my veins.”

One of the 36 articles by the infamously fantastic Chuck Palahniuk dives into the issue of like in great detail. It’s well worth checking out.

As always, Orwell’s final rule applies: “Break any of these rules before saying anything barbarous.” There are instances where each of these words fills a valuable role. However, especially among inexperienced writers, these words are frequently molested and almost always gum up the works.

Apply these lessons immediately and consistently to empower your words. Then, with practice, you will suddenly realize that you are starting to naturally trim the text in order to create prose that is very powerful.


Be A Super Hero!



Stop the violence!

Just say "NO!"
Just say “NO!”

Humor Random

Do you judge a book by it’s cover?



I would say that I’d read anything from here just to expose myself to something different and new, but you guys would see right through that shit, and I bet at least three of you (you know who you are!) would call me on my bullshit right in the comments!
As neat as this is, I think I’d still be a little afraid to pay $30 for an unseen book. (The one shown in the pic is priced at seventeen and change). My cynical, and untrusting inner-self would be screaming – “These are the books that didn’t sell when new, and didn’t sell on the discount rack!”
Maybe one day…

Leave me a comment!

If every book was priced $20.00, would you try this?

Why, or why not?

If not, what would you be willing to fork over?
– I might do it for $10.00. (That’s what she said…)

Underneath that Brown wrapper, I know what the [main] book being shown in the pic is (Go, Me!) Take off the text I added on the top left & comment what you think the title is!

P, L, & N


Book Reviews Horror Short Story

Meat by Michael Bray

“Welcome to Grueber’s, the brand new all night supermarket chain with a difference. For its unfortunate customers, the ordinary looking store could be the last trip they ever make—for its shelves are stacked with horrific delicacies made from human flesh, and the store boasts a Meat aisle that has to be seen to be believed, the unlikely group of unwitting shoppers must come together to not only survive, but to try to find a way to escape from the store, and the inhuman Staff who are keen for them to stay… forever.”

MEATMEAT by Michael Bray
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For those of you that really pay attention – you know WHY I started reading Michael Bray. (If you really don’t know, and are interested, I’ll be happy to share my reason – I’ll give you a clue somewhere in this post, and if you still don’t get it, leave me a comment! I LoveLoveLove comments!!) When I looked into his books, I knew that MEAT had to be one of the first books of his that I read. (And, I’ve already purchased the next! I’m a happy little pirate lately! Pirate sounds bad – “TREASURE HUNTER”, that’s what I mean.)
❣ ⓢⓣⓞⓡⓨ ⓣⓘⓜⓔ ❣
Growing up, I would spend my summers in the country with my grandparents, and the local grocery store there was a Grueber’s! The store is still there, but it has since changed into Buschs. Now I’m left wondering – was my Grueber’s a specialty market? Did it pick up and move on to serve the special clients in another area? Possibly. I’ll be sure to watch things a little more carefully from now on, because if I’m ever in need of some specialty meat – it had damned well be fresh & free range!! (I’ve never been a fan of dark meat, but – it’s nice to know I have options! Picky eaters in my family. tsk task…)
That’s what caught Garrett’s eye as he was strolling down the isle – the sign advertising today’special …

  Grueber’s Free Range human foot!
  White male left foot,
  Pre washed and ready to cook.
  Delicious, hot or cold!

He thought that was a bit odd, to say the least. This quick stop at the market had just turned into an experience, that if he made it out alive, he was sure he would never, ever forget.

I especially liked the direction that the author went with the characters. Human nature, my friends – It bites ya in the ass.

I found a cool alternate cover on Amazon, too…”

View all my BBB reviews HERE, or click the COVER TO COVER tab at the top ⇧ or the link in the right sidebar ⇨ under the PAGES header
I have two books in queue, waiting – (WHISPER is one), and a couple on my Wishlist – (FUNHOUSE to name one), but I think I HAVE to get this one next…

I was a little off, the spelling was different –

Grubers Value World, Inc.
12601 Grafton Road
Carleton, MI 48117
Phone: 734-654-6611
Map: Google Yahoo
SIC: 5411
Sales: $5-10 Million Employees: 100 – 249
Industry: Retail Trade / Food Stores / Grocery stores
* * * Is now….
Busch’s Fresh Food Market –
Busch’s offers quality fresh foods, national brands, great guest service and simplified MyWay grocery shopping.

Coming Soon – New Release From The Paler and More Disturbed M&M…