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It’s Medication Time!

I’m about to start my binge on the latest show in the ‘Murphyverse’ – RATCHED. It sounded (at first) like it was to be the origin story of Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest… (OMG, how cool is this gonna be!).

Louise Fletcher and Sarah Paulson as Nurse Ratched

Well, as much as I try to avoid anyone elses reviews before I read/watch/consume anything, a few opinions have gotten past my blinders. That doesn’t mean I’m making any judgements, but I think I’m going to go be more prepared for AHS: Pandemic Placeholder. That’s still awesome in my book! Besides, I’m going to miss this year’s American Horror Story post/discussion, so this will help.

I know Ryan Murphy CAN do the story I want, because I thought FEUD was great! It didn’t have the signature AHS feel, even though you knew it was Ryan Murphy’s show. ( I feel the need to keep repeating – That IS a good thing!)

But it is looking like it is not going to be the tragic story behind Ken Kesey’s (or even Miloš Forman’s) Nurse Ratched that I’m about binge. The article that slipped past my radar says that if you changed the name of the title character, you could just re-name this as American Horror Story: Asylum – But Not That One.

So, maybe I will be getting my AHS:2020 after all…

So, I’m still excited! The trailer looks fun & fucked up, as do the characters. Is anyone else going to be watching tonight? I’m curious to hear what other rego people like me are thinking right now, and after the first episode. IDC about all the other reviews, but what’s our horror community saying? Please, let’s discuss!!

I’ll keep you posted. Until then… stay safe, not scared!

P, L & N 💋


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Let me show you the way…



American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare

 American Horror Story 6: Roanoke

It’s raining… uh… teeth. Hallelujah? Sure… “Hallelujah!”  Why the Hell not.

Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, and Cuba Gooding Jr. have me completely amped for S6 so far!

S6 E1 is shot like, and presented to be a true crime / paranormal documentary series titled – “My Roanoke Nightmare“.
The ‘show’ follows Shelby & Matt Miller while they move from Los Angeles, California to a house in Roanoke Island, North Carolina following a late night assault which left them both injured. As soon as the couple settles into their new home, the strange shit starts. You better believe I’m already hooked!!



Let’s flashback to S1 for a mo’ –
Remember Sarah Paulson’s character Billie Dean Howard? Didn’t she mention an upcoming documentary show, staring her, that is going to air on Lifetime? Hmmm…
Want to dig just a little bit deeper? In S1E11 Billie Dean talks about ‘a very successful exorcism’ in 1590, at the Roanoke Colony.

I can’t wait to see where they are going with the story line this year!
I did get a bit curious about the ‘based on true events’ line, and looked up some info about the Roanoke Colony… creepy stuff!

Before Jamestown and Plymouth, the English attempted to forge a colony at Roanoke. Within three years, it had disappeared, leaving a mysterious clue behind. What really happened to the Roanoke settlers? Check it out HERE!