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I Will Make You Love Me: An Extreme Tale of Sex, Lies, & Duct TapeI Will Make You Love Me:

An Extreme Tale of Sex, Lies, & Duct Tape by Shaun Hupp

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

♪ ♫ ♪ Braking up is hard to do ♪ ♫ ♪
Megan Weber is about to find out just how hard breaking up is.
Sadly, the night that Megan decides to explain her feelings to Nick is the same night that he shows up with an engagement ring in his pocket planning to propose to her.
She did love him, once, but not in the way that he needed her to.
That was about a year ago. Megan is finally happy, and she has moved on with her life. Unfortunately, Nick has not.
Nick is determined to fix things, by any means necessary.

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This is one of Matt’s older titles.
Publication Date: August 24, 2012
Approximately 56 pages, depending on your eyesight/ereader settings – that’s P=EE² in geek speak.


Whether you admit it or not, you know when your relationship is in trouble. The changes start slow, and subtle. For instance – your favorite shirt was ‘accidentally’ ruined in the wash, and, more often than not – your spouse is working late at the office.
Then the subtlety starts to wear off and cell phones become more guarded than Fort Knox. Your favorite sexual activity has gone from Slap & Tickle – to Hallway Sex. (HALLWAY SEX: When you pass each other in the hallway, and the conversation consists of… “Fuck you”, “Bite me”, “Asshole”, and finally, depending on where you live, it usually climaxes with either “Cunt”, or “Bitch”.)

Brandon & Hollie are going through a rough patch right now. Somewhere deep down, they still love each-other. But, what’s love got to do with it? (It is a second-hand emotion after all.)
Brandon was ready to do whatever it took – anything to rekindle that spark, and mend whatever is broken. He was ready, until he discovered that what was broken between them is his trust.
Luckily, now there is time to talk.
Broken & bleeding inside the wreckage from the accident, Brandon is going to get the answers that he dreads hearing – but HAS to know.

This is a very uncomfortable story. You’ll be able to see yourself in both characters, cringing as details continue to be uncovered. Then, when you think the tension has peeked – WHAMO! Matt punches you in the gut with a twist that comes out of nowhere, just like the deer that caused the accident.

This is one of the titles that Matt has permanently knocked down to 99¢, even with the sexy new cover art. This story will stick with you a lot longer than that coffee you’re thinking about, and too much caffeine is bad for you!

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Six Stories Short & Sweet from Jason Z. Christie Synopsis:
A collection of six short romantic stories, written from 1993 to 2011. Contains The Time Traveler’s Girlfriend, Mars, Write, Third Testament, Forward to Termination, Big Top. Be warned, they’re not all as sweet as the title implies…

This collection is practically guaranteed to make you laugh, smile, cry, sigh, creep you out and make you mad.

What’s God so upset about? Time travel isn’t always what you think it is. Sexy circus stories. What makes a man write? The robots of Eden may be more sensitive and compassionate than you are. Is thirty-six million miles a long distance relationship?

Warning: Contains mild adult language and themes.
(Remember what I always say about warning labels!! “Alcohol may intensify effect? Thanks for the suggestion!”)

These six stories from Jason Z. Christie really are short & sweet. Micro short and hard to talk about without giving anything away & spoiling it for you. They hold a central theme, though. Love, in all it’s despicable forms.
I especially liked Big Top, having previously listened to the audio version of it. (I adore his narrator!!) It’s the longest of the six, and while listening to it, then reading it, I felt happy, and sad, and uncomfortable… all at the same time.
The feeling I get from these, (and from having previously listened to POETRY: A Love Story from the same author), is that the author has suffered a severely broken heart & soul at one point, and has never fully healed. Severely broken isn’t right. Mangled beyond repair might describe my take on it a little better.
If I’m wrong on that point, then Jason Z. Christie has developed a very strong empathic style of writing, and that has to be extremely difficult. You can feel the blood, sweat, tears, and body fluids in his writings – raw emotion.
I’m finishing RADAR LOVE now. The raw passion is there, a great read so far! I can’t wait to talk to you about it!!

A story that shows what people will do for true love.

Just the opposite of the first story, this shows the lengths that someone will go to when they’re NOT in love. This made me smile.

A man dedicates himself to his work, for his love. When the love dies, his passion for his work does not.

¹Adam & ²Eve, Futuristic Sex Robots built for someone else’s cruel desires, but found love in each other. After WWIIIII, can ¹Adam & ²Eve rebuild their Eden and begin again?

Round up the troops, the evildoers, the hypocrites. Round them up, and know where they are when you need to take care of them. That time has come.

The tale of Mr. Socko, and twenty years under the big-top, unknowingly searching for one thing until he finds it again.