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Review of BLEEDOVERS by William Todd Rose from Publishers Weekly

4.3 / 5 Stars  * Published by Hydra
Sep 01, 2015 | 136 Pages | ISBN 9781101883693


“Sure to thrill readers of Stephen King, Joe Hill, and Dean Koontz—William Todd Rose’s new dark horror novella is a tale of bloody retribution that blurs the line between the waking world and the terrors of the night.”

Penguin Random House

There’s only one thing standing between humanity and the dark forces of the supernatural: the secret agency known as The Institute. The organization depends on regular guys like Chuck, a Level I Recon and Enforcement Technician who guides tormented spirits into the next life.

From an office deep underground, Chuck projects his spirit into Crossfades, monstrous realms where the souls of the dead, unable to move on due to fear or anger, devise macabre tortures for themselves and one another. He’s always been able to leave his work behind at the end of the day . . . until now.

First in dreams, then in waking nightmares, Crossfades are bleeding into the physical world. And now it’s up to Chuck—along with his partner, a woman named Control—to put a stop to it. Because there’s no telling what might come over from the other side.

Review – Publishers Weekly:

In this breezy sequel to Crossfades (2014), series protagonist Chuck Grainger continues wrangling restless spirits in the limbo-like realm called the Divide. When one sadistic shade tries to return to life, he must help prevent its ghostly revenge. Rose never lets up when it comes to disturbing concepts: the chilling images start with a school that harbors demented killers in the lockers, and they climax with animal body horror. Using elements of real-world ghost-hunting, Rose makes his spooky creations seem plausible. A fast-moving plot builds tension and helps cover for the thinly defined characters (Chuck’s a generic hard-luck hero, Control’s his badass female partner, and Marilee is the child prodigy). This is not a story to linger over, but it has a lot to offer those who love their horror well described and the good/evil divide clearly defined. 

Praise for Bleedovers:
“Rose never lets up when it comes to disturbing concepts. . . . [Bleedovers] has a lot to offer those who love their horror.”—Publishers Weekly
“Bleedovers by William Todd Rose is a strong second novella in a series, and readers will want more of this strange world. . . . Rose has a gift for creating believable science fiction worlds that are wrought with real, and even imagined, dangers around every corner.”—Savvy Verse & Wit
“I give Bleedovers a five out of five.”—Bewitched Bookworms


William Todd Rose writes dark, speculative fiction from his home in West Virginia. His short stories have been featured in numerous anthologies and magazines, and his work includes the novels Cry Havoc, The Dead & Dying,and The Seven Habits, and the novellas Apocalyptic Organ Grinder and Crossfades.

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