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Eternal Sunshine of the Mutant Mind

I saw this quote on Instagram, and became immediately obsessed.
¬†It’s Joel & Clementine.¬†
¬†It’s Mickey¬†&¬†Mallory.¬†
¬†It’s the new mutant romance novel from Kevin Strange.¬†

“Cult horror filmmaker Brian Sully has isolated himself to a simple life on the Oregon coast after being publicly shamed by the lead actress of his most recent B-Movie monster flick for sending her pictures of his dick. Brian’s years of isolation have left him on the brink of suicide. But after his best friend and producer books him at a 20th anniversary horror festival honoring their first feature film, Brian Sully’s life is about to change. Is true love real? What if you fell in love with something not quite… Human? Would you pursue it? Would you let anything stop you? Even death?¬† I DIED IN A BED OF ROSES¬† is Kevin Strange’s first ever crack at the paranormal romance genre. But if you’re expecting a mushy love story, well, you don’t know Kevin Strange!”

I’ve always loved the eye-catching book covers put out by Kev, (and some of the old SHB gang), but the cover for ¬†I DIED IN A BED OF ROSES ¬†is gorgeous. (You gotta love that red hair!) The cover-art is by ‘kinkmaster’¬†William Skaar, (the creator of¬†Carnigor). Be sure to check out his website!
Do I HAVE to say that (like most of the things I post) his work, and site, is¬†18+? ¬†(‚ôꬆ‚ô™¬†Ass n titties, ass ass n titties ‚ô™¬†‚ôę)

I haven’t read¬†IDIABOR yet, but I plan on it – very soon. BOLO for the review!
For you #StrangeHeads out there who are already bouncing in your seats chanting “gimmie gimmie gimmie”I DIED IN A BED OF ROSES¬† is available now¬†– visit one of the¬†following sites, and¬†grab your copy today!¬†¬†Kevin The Strange Fiction, Amazon, IndieBound, FictionDB,¬†GoodreadsDeals


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