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SEX, MARRY, KILL by Todd Travis

I’ve played a different version of SEX, MARRY, KILL.
In the game I know, you’re given the names of three people – usually a group of celebrities – and you choose who you’d 1. Have sex with, 2. Marry, and 3. Kill. Use the Brady kids as an example. If you’re picking women, choose between Marsha, Jan, and Cindy. (My choices would be: Sex – Marsha, Marry – Jan, Kill – Cindy). If you’re picking men, choose between Greg, Peter, and Bobby. (My choices would be: Sex – Peter, Marry – Bobby, Kill – Greg). My answers for the Brady Boys may be slightly influenced by Adrianne Curry’s obsession with Peter Brady, (don’t judge me!), and by Greg’s poor judgement with his brief Rock Star career. Adios, Johnny Bravo, indeed.

SEX, MARRY, KILL is played a little differently in this story. The player is only given one person instead of three, and they must choose whether they’d have sex with, marry, or kill the selected person.

It’s all fun and games until… well – you’ll see…


“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

It was the class trip that brought them together. The class trip, and… fate.
The tables in the restaurant resemble the high-school cafeteria; the students have divided into multiple sub-groups and cliques. Jocks, stoners, mean girls, etc. ‘Birds of a feather’. Except for the last table.
The five kids seated around the last table have nothing in common except for their social standing. They’re labeled as losers, each of them tormented and harassed by their so-called peers. Loners.
A ‘geek‘. A ‘fat chick‘. A ‘slow learner‘. A ‘psycho suicide girl‘. A ‘wannabe criminal‘.
Together, these outcasts will become The Furious Five, and it’s their turn to be on top. Anything they desire will be theirs, and what they desire most is revenge.

* The author, Todd Travis, dedicated this book to one of his teachers. Right now, you’re probably thinking… “Aww! His high-school english teacher must be so proud…”
Well – no.
It’s dedicated to his middle school gym teacher, and for a very good reason.
The next time you have your glass raised in a toast, remember Todd Travis, and give him a nod & a wink.
You’re awesome, Todd. Here’s to you!

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