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Resolutions Shmesolutions!

“Each new year begins in a snow-storm of white vows.”

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I lie to myself practically every day, so why should those lies be any different than these lies? They certainly don’t deserve their own bullet pointed, color coded, sparkly sticker-d “BETTER ME” list¬†to stare¬†their judgmental stare at me from atop the refrigerator door! How about a¬†big ol’ NOPE to any¬†empty, and unrealistic¬†Resolutions of 2017?!

“Are we really doing this again, SG?”
~ signed, Resolutions Past

I just read an article/post¬†on Buzzfeed that made me think “Here’s¬†a realistic resolution that¬†I can really get behind!”¬†(yes, my inner voice talks¬†like Dr. Seuss.) It IS going to be a difficult promise¬†to keep to myself, though – some quirks run deep, and habits are¬†hard to break. Bear with me¬†on this long & winding road that is my thought process…

“A resolution is usually to avoid an evil,
but in most cases the evil is far more advanced.”

I was looking¬†over¬†my Books of 2016¬†(on Goodreads), and so many thoughts started going through my mind –¬†“Ooo… I really liked that book, why didn’t I continue with the series?”,¬†“OMG – that was on my MUST READ list – WTF?! Why haven’t I read it yet?”,¬†“Shit, I promised so and so that I’d read that book s/he really loved…” (or some other version of a “OMG YUS!! I can’t wait to never read that!” promise), and 42 other questions that are¬†tripping over themselves trying to be the first in line for some brain time.

So… In MY case, what is the main reason that so many books get neglected?
I think I waste so much precious reading time because I feel guilty if I stop reading a book as soon as I realize it’s boring AF, and/or I hate it! “I’ll give it a few more pages/chapters.” “Well, I might as well finish it now.”¬† And, there is also that little¬†FOMO twinge I get right before I¬†shelf/window a book. You know what I mean –“What if it gets really good just after the point where I stop reading?!”¬†Then I usually continue to bore myself, and hate what I’m reading even more.

This year I say “NO MORE!” ¬†‚äó¬† My motto for 2017 ~¬†“Just ‘SHELF IT’!”

2017 Resolution ~ “Actually, no, I didn‚Äôt read that.” ::beams, pats self on back::

This year I am going to make a solid effort to put down any book that I’m not invested in by a certain point – TBD on a book by book basis.
I will [try to] not force myself to finish ANY book, under ANY circumstances [if I don’t want to].
I realize that life is too short, and my TBR list is too long to endure the pain of just getting to the back cover.
* You know that I will NOT shelf/window any book just because of this blog post. Every book will have different considerations, I’m sure. ¬†If I’m feelin’ it just because I dig the author’s choice of font – I’m still feelin’ it. ¬†I have¬†no set of hard and fast rules anywhere in my life!!
And there will be¬†certain exemptions, of course. Like I said in the¬†5 Signs You’re Reading A Bad Book post – Sometimes the actual story may not be the problem. I‚Äôve picked up unfinished books at a different points in my life only to realize how amazing they truly are ‚Äď I just wasn‚Äôt ready for them the first time.

I‚Äôm curious about what YOU¬†do in a ‘bad book’ situation!
Check out the¬†5 SIGNS YOU‚ÄôRE READING A BAD¬†BOOK¬†post, and¬†answer the poll at the end – You‚Äôve reached the 100 page mark of your new book when you realize that you’re never going to ‘feel it’. What do you do?’