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March 1st is Self Harm Awareness Day

Published February 28, 2013 by Shadow Girl

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International Self-injury Awareness Day is MARCH 1ST.
Wear orange, write “love” on your arms, or draw a butterfly or orange ribbon on your wrist to support those who have or still are struggling with self-harm.
Show you care and understand!
This day is not only to show support, love, care, and understanding to people who have or still are self-harming, but to educate people on what it is, and eliminate some of the stereotypes involved in self-harm.

This is my 2nd year promoting online & trying to raise awareness.
This year, thankfully, my platform is larger.
I’m not only a promoter. I’m a sufferer.
Show your support for your friends and loved ones.
Please share & reblog this post. Be there as a shoulder to cry on, as arms for a hug, as a friend ~ to listen.

There are many forms of self-mutilation besides cutting.
You can visit and for more information.


Published February 10, 2013 by Shadow Girl

My friend Tim Wood, (of Caveman Poetry fame), shared this with me via Facebook today. I LoveLoveLove it! It’s nice to have a phobia that isn’t fuzzy, gross, or uncomfortable.

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