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STICKMAN by Dennis Yates

A psychological thriller from Dennis Yates
The perfect story for this Holiday weekend!

I love a good serial killer story. And, I hate those stick figure families that people glue on the rear windows of their vehicles! Especially when they are stupid enough to put their kid’s names on there, too. That’s just a kidnapping invitation IMO.
This is a story about that very thing, sort of.
Replace ‘kidnap’ with ‘torture & kill’.

We start with a guy killing time in the parking lot, waiting for his girlfriend to finish up in the store so they can begin their holiday weekend. While Dennis is waiting, he notices this guy lurking around the lot. Looks like he is shopping for the perfect car to rob, and Dennis starts to watch him. Being a non-confrontational kinda guy, he just slouches down when the guy gets closer and starts to inspect the van parked right in front of him.
The van with a stick-figure family on it’s rear window.
The mysterious lurker doesn’t do a smash & grab job on the van, though. He busts the lock, gets in, and waits.
Doug recalls a story he heard about a serial killer, Stickman, who targeted people with these decals. He remembers a detail that was leaked to the press, the killer liked to draw his own stick-figure at the crime-scene. One with a menacing smile and holding a bloody knife.
Time is running out for Dennis, he needs to decide what he is going to do. Should he turn a blind eye, (see what I did there?), or try to do something?
Can he stop the Stickman from killing again?

This is a short story, a novelette novelette of about 13,500 words. 45 pages, give or take. Depending on the font size you’re using on your ereader. It is regularly priced at 99¢, but, I picked it up on sale, for free, and it’s still available for free download on Amazon at the time of this post.
It is the perfect story to read right now, since this is a holiday weekend for us IRL, like it is in the story!
I really like it, going to give it 5 stars on Amazon & Goodreads!

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