The WotD for July 21st, 2020

I’ve had the WotD app up and running here since the day I went live. If you KNOW me, know me, then you already know I’m a nerd-dork, and a logophile. And we all know I’m just gonna post whatever the Hell I want, so you might as well just quit fighting it, and have fun!!

REPUGNANT is listed as one of my top favorite words on my app. I can’t say exactly what it is, either! It’s NOT a sexy word, it no way sounds seductive if whispered against the neck, but I love it. Add MORALLY to the front and we’re having a party! Hahahaha! Maybe it’s because I have do much hate in my heart to share? It really expresses the loathing you are feeling in your soul about ________.  Repugnant refers to something you detest so thoroughly it threatens to make you physically sick! How’s THAT for expressive?!

I just had the overwhelming desire to share this with you. Especially when it’s embedded into my sidebar, directly in line with my sign off SG. And just so you know that Shadow Girl hasn’t been abducted and a clone put in her place, I’ll bid you the fondest of adeius with our long standing parting words… Until next time, guys!

Peace, Love & Necrophilia 💋