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Who doesn’t love a list?

IDK if I’m overly organized, if it’s my ADD, or maybe I’m just a huge nerd, but I love lists. I have stacks of lists to do, to buy, to read, to research… Sometimes, if I am feeling particularly unproductive, I’ll make a reverse list, I write down something I’ve done, so I can cross it off. It’s cathartic.

I looked at a lot of influencers lists when I was planning my October ‘content’, but they don’t translate into what I blog about very easily. I think I found ways to make their lists work for me, I’m nothing if not inventive! So besides Top 5 or 10 lists, you’re going to get to see things like POST A TUTORIAL, PLAN AN INDUSTRY GATHERING, and if I can find something you want, I may even HOST A GIVEAWAY. All of their lists will be tried my way, so at the very least – it’ll be interesting! Maybe a couple of you will share my weird sense of… something, and like what I’m trying! As always, leave me comments so I know if I should do more, or ‘never ever try that again!’

Lists are harder that I thought they’d be! So I am going to start with what I thought would be the easiest idea…

Turns out – not as easy as it sounded.
List order goes – Rainbow Colors thru Not Rainbow Colors

1: RED by D.J. Doyle

2. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess

3. YELLOW by Aron Beauregard

4. THE GREEN FOG by Sam West

5. THE BLUE WAR by Jeffry Thomas

6. VIOLET by Scott Thomas

7. BILLY SILVER by Daniel Volpe


9. THE BLACK LAKE by Jon Athan

10. PINK PLANET by Jon R. Meyers

Do you have any better choices for this one, or do you trust me to continue making lists on my own? (With no adult supervision, you’re sure?) What kind of Top Ten do you think needs an [extreme] horror makeover? I have a couple started, but would love your input!

I’m still quarantined/isolated, but that just means no people, so it’s awesome. No sign of ‘Rona or Delta, so…bonus! My Mountain Dew is cold, and I’m about to eat some pizza 🍕 it’s a good day. Until next time, my little Tricks and Treats… Stay safe out there!

P, L & N 💋


Book Reviews


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Participants 3,037,077
Books Pledged 141,970,360
Books Finished 38,435,363
Avg. Books Pledged 46
Challenges Completed 20,037
Time Left 4 days, 17 hours
Shadow Girl has read 158 of her 125 book goal in 2016 / 33 books ahead of schedule.

My last challenge update was on Septembember 28. At that time I was sitting at about 128 books read of my 125 book goal. Today I’m showing 158, but I have a few reviews that I need to catch up on. OH – on that note… If I post a review in 2017 on a book that I read in 2016 – I keep the correct dates Goodreads lists / challenges. Example? Sure! I just read SAN DIEGO HORROR PROFESSIONALS: HOLIDAY SPECIALSLAY BELLES, and HALFWAY HOUSE. If – for whatever reason – I don’t get reviews posted until after January 1st, my date read/finished will still reflect 2016.

    • The Law of Three by M.R. SellarsPerfect Trust by M.R. SellarsNever Burn a Witch by M.R. SellarsEnter by April O'BrienKiller Gossip by Paul PhillipsIn The Bleak Midwinter by M.R. SellarsMerrie Axemas by M.R. SellarsThe Season of Giving by Angel GeliqueOscar's Night by Matt ShawBah! Humbug! An anthology of Christmas Horror Stories by Matt ShawChristmas Eve on Haunted Hill by Bryan SmithHome Intruder 2 by Sam WestSnuff Club by Sam WestThe Girls Next Door by Mel SherrattFrailty by Erin R. BrittTwo Minds by Matt ShawChristmas Shopping by Angel GeliqueGranville by Alice J. BlackThe Girl on the Train by Paula HawkinsBehind Closed Doors by B.A. ParisThe Perfect Girl by Gilly MacmillanThe Couple Next Door by Shari LapenaJoyland by Stephen KingCrimson Death by Laurell K. HamiltonFamily Business by Brett WilliamsThe Roanoke Girls by Amy EngelHST Quarterly by Arthur GrahamAll American Boys by Jason ReynoldsTesting Laura by Matt ShawBorn Mobster by Paige Dearth

Books that make you go… WTF!?

From orgasms to official documents, with a little help from the internet – you can fake just about anything these days. Photo-Shopped covers of popular and classic books can be hilarious. I’ve had numerous posts dedicated to screwing with books, and have often wished that the parodies were real things.

If BREAKING BAD was a Little Golden children's book.
If BREAKING BAD was a Little Golden book.

This time – the books posted are the real deal.
This time – I wish a few were just parodies!

What’s the most bizarre book you’ve ran across?
Leave me a comment, with a link, and I’ll edit it in!

BUY THIS BOOK: Identifying Wood by R. Bruce Hoadley

Yep, that's wood alright!
Yep, that’s wood alright!

BUY THIS BOOK: Still Stripping After 25 Years by Eleanor Burns

It's time to retire, honey!
It’s time to retire, honey!

BUY THIS BOOK: Natural Harvest by Paul Photenhauer
Visit this book’s Amazon page and read the CUSTOMER REVIEWS !

Enough information for an entire book?  OK, ew.
Enough information for an entire book? OK, ew.

BUY THIS BOOK: That’s What She Said by Rayna Green

CollegeHumor stands by this one being real.
I need this book to keep at work.

BUY THIS BOOK: Why Black People Tend To Shout by Ralph Wiley

Who is Ralph Wiley?
Ermm… O.o

BUY THIS BOOK: How to Fix Damn Near Everything by Franklynn Peterson

This is the best use of a HOW-TO book ever.
This is the best use of a HOW-TO book ever.

BUY THIS BOOK: Girl, Get that Child Support by Cathy Middleton Esq.

This one pisses me off.
This one pisses me off a bit. Synopsis: GET HIS MONEY BEFORE HIS OTHER BABY MAMA DOES! Prove he’s the father of your baby, Increase in your current award, Get money from an unemployed baby daddy, Get more money from him along with your child support award!

BUY THIS BOOK: So far, no luck in finding this to buy. I’ve tracked down the picture of a person, Wm Jas’, holding the book for a picture – proof that it does exist.

Book Two Coming Soon - Why Do Gay People Gay?  #EngrishTransrationFail
Book Two Coming Soon – Why Do Gay People Gay?

BUY THIS BOOK: Dressed Up For Murder by Gary Brandner

Don't dress for the job you HAVE - Dress for the job you WANT!
Don’t dress for the job you HAVE – Dress for the job you WANT!

BUY THIS BOOK: Cooking with Poo by Saiyuud Diwong

Isn't poo harvested naturally?
Isn’t poo harvested naturally?

BUY THIS BOOK: 48 Shades of Brown by Nick Earls

Missed it my this much.
Missed it my this much.

BUY THIS BOOK: Images You Should Not Masturbate To by Johnson & Hibbert

You're not the boss of me, book!
You’re not the boss of me, book!

BUY THIS BOOK: How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler
BUY THIS BOOK: How to Read and Why by Harold Bloom

Does the cover price include the author coming home to read it to me?
Does the cover price include the author coming home to read it to me?

Holiday Horror

Valentine’s Day ♡ What are you reading?

Valentine's Day ♡ What are you reading?

Here are a few book recommendations for your squishy heart’s holiday –

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BBB’s Horror Lover Challenge – Part One

I was hopping around the blogosphere this morning, trying to reconnect with everyone and get up to date with the latest news, reviews, and fun. I was on my new BLOGGER account, ( even though I haven’t posted anything there yet. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that one, but… it will be cool & awesome, so be sure to check it out some time!!
I stumbled upon a great bit on FreddyInSpace‘s blog, ( that is what I’m sharing here, except -you know- with MY answers! If you haven’t been to FreddyInSpace, that is someone you should follow! FreddyInSpace is the brilliant mind behind some of your favorite internet memes – but never gets credited! All the Ben & Jerry Horror flavors were created by F.I.S. I’ve shared a few of them here – that’s how I learned about – through a comment left on one of my shares! I’m 99% sure that the Horror Happy Meals originated there, too.
Here is the Horror Lover Challenge.
I’ll post MY answers tonight in Part Two!

I’d love to see your answers, too!
Add a link to yours in the comments