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Jerry McKinney’s ‘DEATH BONDS’

Published September 23, 2015 by Shadow Girl

“Death Bonds” gives you love, pain, sacrifice and compassion.

How can horror embody those things? Well, it can.

McKinney managed to come up with a story where he mixes lovely images with gore.


Mementos by Jerry W. McKinney

Published September 23, 2015 by Shadow Girl

This is a dramatic reading of the first thing Jerry McKinney ever wrote… it got me right in the feels!

FLESH & BLOOD By Jerry McKinney

Published February 10, 2013 by Shadow Girl

Jerry McKinney

Two quotes will stick with you after reading this.

“Gotta take care of your own, boy.” and

“…life goes on, remember that.”

Flesh & Blood is not just another zombie story. If fact, even if you’re not a fan of the genre, you will still enjoy this short from Jerry Mckinney.

Most reviewers have compared this, in some way, to ‘The Walking Dead’ – only better!

Jessie, a young man living on the farm with his dad, has already led a hard life. When the world he knows turns upside down, he is forced to grow up quickly and face some heartbreaking decisions. To me, a great story pulls you in, tuggs at your emotions, makes you lose yourself in the Authors mind. That’s what Flesh & Blood did to me. I felt Jessie’s emotions with him, the grief of having to ‘lose’ his beloved dog, the pride in making his pa proud, the confusion & terror he felt when he first saw his friend’s dad, then his friend. Even the little crush he had on the neighbor girl, Sarah.

I would love to see a follow up story written to this. I want to see where Jessie goes, how he survives, and the man that he has become. It could lead to an excellent series! (Didja hear that, Jerry?)

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