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Need some forbidden literature to read for Banned Books Week?

Published October 2, 2016 by Shadow Girl

Celebrate Your Freedom to Read: September 25- October 1, 2016

D for Degenerate is the forth installment in Iain Rob Wright’s A-Z of Horror series, and the one that has been BANNED from Amazon.


If you’re anything like me, knowing something has been banned is a huge selling point, and usually the only info I need 🙂 Adding Iain Rob Wright’s name to that fact only upped my obsession level.
Banned from Amazon doesn’t mean banned from existence though. So… never fear my twisted friends! It’s available directly from Iain’s website.

This is the tale of Nicholas Lempit. A con-man, thief, and degenerate. His dark desires have made him a traveler, and tonight’s dalliances lead him to a chance encounter with a kind, old farmer. Arthur is 83 years old, and has been alone since he lost his wife. For almost 20 years it’s been just him, his farm and his horses.
If Lempit can gain Arthur’s trust, he may be able to stay for a while. Lend the old man a hand, keep him company, be close to the object of his furry fantasies…
Arthur has a similar idea – but Lempit might just never leave.

*Bonus points to Iain for his cleverly placed nod to Deliverance. Not a blatant reference, just enough to make readers inwardly smile at a very uncomfortable moment.
*Using the term ‘bird’ for a woman doesn’t seem to be as common as it once was. Maybe it’s just a more common UK practice… IDK. Whether it was used deliberately, or just the way the author talks, when I read it in THIS story… I was caught off guard by my chuckle.

Click HERE to get your copy of D IS FOR DEGENERATE from Iain Rob Wright’s official blog for only 99¢.

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O IS FOR ORIFICE by Iain Rob Wright

Published November 21, 2015 by Shadow Girl

O is for Orifice (A-Z of Horror 15)O is for Orifice by Iain Rob Wright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful.” ~ Helen Keller

Elanor woke up at 7 a.m., and started to get ready for work like any other morning. And, like most mornings, she isn’t surprised to smell weed coming from the neighbor’s apartment. Things started getting weird as she was showering. All of a sudden – she couldn’t breathe! She starts to panic, not surprisingly, and everything gets worse… She knows that she has to get help before she suffocates inside her own body – but she is lightheaded and could lose consciousness before she can find help. Elanor musters up everything she has in her and makes her way to the window before she passes out.
As Elenor’s mom recalls the details, we find out exactly what happened inside the apartment, and the events that led to her daughters condition.

This is a very claustrophobic story, and I had a hard time making it through to the end without having to go outside for some air!

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N IS FOR NIGHTMARE by Iain Rob Wright

Published November 21, 2015 by Shadow Girl

N is for Nightmare (A-Z of Horror 14)N is for Nightmare by Iain Rob Wright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Drugs are a bet with your mind.” ~ Jim Morrison

Finally home after an all night booze-and-drug-a-thon, Norman just wants to grab some post party food, (his mouth tastes like alcohol and bad decisions), and crawl into bed for the next 24 hours. The little girl carrying the dead cat might make sleep difficult for him though.
He’s not hallucinating, she’s standing right in front if him in her blue nightgown, and frizzy red hair. This isn’t something that Norman can wake up from, and his nightmare is only beginning.

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M IS FOR MATTY BOB by Iain Rob Wright

Published November 19, 2015 by Shadow Girl


IRW loves his WRIGHTERS, his true fans. But in the spring of 2015, he met Matty-Bob… a mega fan of Anne Wilkes proportions.
M is for Matty-Bob is the 13th installment in Iain Rob Wright‘s A-Z OF HORROR series, and the satirical short is full of dark humor, easter eggs, and nods to his genre brothers. If you’re friends with ‘the gang‘ on Facebook, you’ll really get a kick out of the way this SS is written, and the characters included.

“Uunnbrrr unnn faaannn…” FANGIRLING – LIKE A BOSS ~ Anne Wilkes, Misery

My one regret about this review is not being able to find the picture of “Matty Bob’s” naked torso with the written lipstick message on it. I KNOW it exists – I saw the pic before reading this book, and it really put Matty Bob‘s character into my memory bank, and almost caused me to block him on Facebook >.< hahahahaha!

The book also includes Matty Bob’s side of the story at the end, and in true HE SAID / SHE SAID form… it makes you wonder who the true psycho really is.

When reached for comment, the author had only this to say…


“There’s a girl in the garden. In the garden… there’s a girl.” ~  Shaun of the Dead

This review brought to you by the ‘Iain Rob Wright Protection Society’


11/20/2015 UPDATE!!

A huge thank you to Matty-Bob himsilf, Mr. Matthew Cash, for providing me with the coveted ‘torso’ photo!!


“You are my life, Iain!” ~Matty Bob

J IS FOR JAWS by Iain Rob Wright

Published November 15, 2015 by Shadow Girl

Iain Rob Wright‘s A-Z OF HORROR series continues with it’s tenth installment  –


J is for Jaws (A-Z of Horror Book 10)J is for Jaws by Iain Rob Wright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Stop playing with your food.”
~ Every mom, everywhere.

A day of fun in the sun aboard a friend’s yacht sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon – until a creature rises from the depths and wants to play, too.
Saving the day, with a little help from the Coast Guard, is usually cause for celebration. But don’t tip those longnecks just yet… playtime isn’t quite over…

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I IS FOR ICE by Iain Rob Wright

Published November 15, 2015 by Shadow Girl

I is for Ice (A-Z of Horror Book 9)I is for Ice by Iain Rob Wright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That wasn’t any act of God. That was an act of pure human fuckery.”
~ Stephen King
The Final Flu has brought the world to it’s knees, and one doctor remains in the Mettulus Institute for Advanced Science to work on a cure. Doctor Faraday.
It is the year 2056 when Peter is awoken after years of cryo-sleep by the good doctor Faraday, and he soon comes to realize that the HBsAG11 virus isn’t the most dangerous thing in the lab with him.

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H IS FOR HELL by Iain Rob Wright

Published November 15, 2015 by Shadow Girl

H is for Hell (A-Z of Horror Book 8)H is for Hell by Iain Rob Wright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ever had one of those days?
A day where one bad moment starts an unrelenting chain reaction of suck until you just want to head to the top of a clock-tower for some much needed stress relief?
Imagine the Groundhog Day version of your worst day ever – replayed over and over again. That is the Hell in Iain Rob Wright’s eighth installment of his A-Z OF HORROR series, and that is how Barbara is starting to feel.
But, things are about to get much, much worse.

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