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Don’t Be A Skank!

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shhh… listen…

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Halloween Hangover

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Daylight Savings 2015

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19 Pictures That Accurately Describe What It’s Like To Finish A Book: Originally posted by Mathew Guiver on Buzzfeed Books ~ 10/ 20/15



2. The struggle.

The struggle.

3. It’s a bittersweet feeling.

It's a bittersweet feeling.

4. So many emotions…

So many emotions...

5. Literally THE WORST kind of hangover.

Literally THE WORST kind of hangover.

6. The best recommendation EVER!

The best recommendation EVER!

7. Autocorrect knows.

Autocorrect knows.

8. Non-readers just don’t get it.

Non-readers just don't get it.

9. The outpouring of emotions.

The outpouring of emotions.

10. It can be too much!

It can be too much!

11. Goddamn overwhelming.

Goddamn overwhelming.

12. What book lover hasn’t had a text exchange like this?

What book lover hasn't had a text exchange like this?

13. The red section should probably be bigger, right?

The red section should probably be bigger, right?

14. Missed, but NEVER FORGOTTEN!


15. This.


16. An ~endless~ cycle.

An ~endless~ cycle.

17. It might take while to get into the next one.

It might take while to get into the next one.

18. But inevitably you’ll be right back to this:

But inevitably you'll be right back to this:

19. TRUTH!



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No gerbils were harmed during the writing of this book.


The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever is so bad, it could wake the dead…


What happens when three buddies decide to make an epic zombie movie with no money, no script, and a one month shooting deadline? Possibly THE WORST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER!

Imagine the Farrelly brothers while they were growing up, and making YouTube movies. That’s how I picture Justin and his friends – brainstorming, conflicting ideas, bickering, casting, cheese fries, and the kind of teasing you can only do with your best friends.

Struggling with location issues, actor demands, and sleep deprivation, everyone’s tempers shorten, and things escalate quickly.  If the movie ever does get made, it might be at the cost of their friendship!

As usual, Jeff Strand had me audibly laughing from the beginning! No, not the beginning of the story… the beginning of the book. The preface. The ‘before you read this book WARNING’.  Parts of the story reminded me of IF CHINS COULD KILL: CONFESSIONS OF A B MOVIE ACTOR by Bruce Campbell. A fond remembering of the grueling schedule, agonizing FX, and Murphy’s Laws of film making – but when you’re passionate, and with your friends… it’s worth every minute!

THE GREATEST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER will be released by Sourcebooks Fire on March 1’st, 2016. I read an advanced copy through NetGalley. Like I’ve said to you many times before – don’t let the Teens & YA classification scare you off!

Visit Jeff Strand on Gleefully Macabre, Facebook,   Twitter, and check out his books on Goodreads & Amazon.


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