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“Hot Sinatra” by Axel Howerton – Teaser Trailer

I’m really excited about HOT SINATRA, it sounds like those gritty, black & white detective shows… amped up on Red Bull and Adderall.
This homage to the pulp detective is both funny and frenetic, full of oddball characters, wild action, romance and excitement.
Until I can get a review up for you, I found this book trailer on Axel’s Goodreads Page

Moss Cole is a private detective, the kind you thought only existed in old movies and afternoon reruns. He’s smart, talented, sometimes even charming. You’d think he could find a better gig than carrying on his grandfather’s legacy as a ‘Private Dick.’
Cole is out of money, out of ideas, and out of his league. That’s why he’s stuck looking for a stolen Sinatra record… a record that may be just a figment of an old man’s imagination.
Of course, if that were true, Moss wouldn’t have so many people busting down his door.
A vivacious redhead, a foul-mouthed Irish rock star, and a whip-smart little girl only complicate the job, when all Cole wants is a good cup of coffee and some Hot Sinatra.
If only he can stay alive–and in one piece–long enough to find it.

“Scratches the same itch as Raymond Chandler.”
“A Sam Spade novel mixed with a Rat Pack movie.”
“If you dig the quirky characters and wild action of Elmore Leonard, pick up Hot Sinatra!”

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