Matt Shaw’s ‘NEXT DOOR’

From Director Matt Shaw • Available On Amazon

NEXT DOORfollows multiple stories of everyday couples as they go about their lives. With murderers, cannibals, hookers, and zombies – come see who lives ‘Next Door’ in this anthology film from (our pal) Matt Shaw, one of the UK’s leading horror authors.

Director:Matt Shaw
Staring:Jamie Lomas
Staring:Amanda Clapham
Staring:Vas Blackwood
Genre(s):Comedy, Horror
Subtitles:English [cc]
Audio Language:English
1 Hour 23 Minute Run Time
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LOVE LIFE By Matt Shaw

By Matt Shaw
I try not to post spoilers – but still – PROCEED WITH CAUTION
Matt’s stories are generally a ‘one sitting’ read. They remove all the padding that makes reading other authors seem tedious, and that’s one of the 47 reasons he is one of my favorites. But – it’s also the reason I find it difficult to review them without giving too much away.
I link him to every review, and (he has commented on other blogs, so I know he’s reading some) he’s been happy with them so far. With that being said…let’s talk a little about LOVE LIFE –

It’s Love & Loss, the Matt Shaw way.

The story takes you with ‘Stacey’ (she refuses to use her real name – Kim), on the last night of her working girl career, as she tries to earn enough money to run from what she has done. She meets Kirk as a ‘John’, but not your typical ‘John’. He found her ad as an escort, and wants nothing more from her than that. Just someone to spend time with. During the time they spend together, their individual pasts comes flooding back to them… is there a future in store for either of them? Can’t tell you! You must read the book! :p

This story isn’t a ‘Peter’ story, and it does not have the black humor, or the level of intense violence mixed with it. It’s a little tamer side of the author. Don’t think that you get off easy – it’s still a Matt Shaw!