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In our second trip to Hoo-Doo County, we find three more horrors hiding among the trees – Letter From The Bottom of a Mine Shaft, Corpse Eater, and Owing Ira. Fredrick Price finds himself alone during the zombie apocalypse, and confronting the things he did before getting to the bottom of an empty mine shaft; Marty Newstead is starting his first day as a mortician in Hoo-Doo County, and finds out that there is more to the job than he bargained for; and a young member of the mob finds himself on the run from the family, only to end up in a much worse situation.
All three stories are great, but Owing Ira has to be my favorite one in this collection. The notes written by the author at the end say that this story has been revamped for this anthology. I’ll have to say that I’m glad I didn’t read the original version, because this one is phenomenal. Sometimes the worst monsters are not monsters at all. They’re human.


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