What books piss you off?

This can be taken so many ways!
Let’s talk about them all ♥ It could be because of a stupid ending, bad writing, bad editing, a certain character you abhor, even a bait & switch cover. (We won’t cover text-books here… “Then Satan said… “Let’s put words in math.”) We’ve all wanted to do this at some point.
What book sent you over the edge?

My bane is stories that go along fine, until the writer can’t think of an ending… this can go wrong in many ways. The worst – a story that has had no religious content whatsoever – ends with God saves the day. Then, there is the same concept – switching God with aliens/monsters/supernatural. Let’s not forget the “…and then he woke up & realized it was all just a dream…” bullshit excuse for an ending.
I don’t bitch too much about bad editing. Sure, I have my moments of annoyance (not comma misuse – comma ABUSE). IMHO, there are so many great writers that I may have missed had it not been for self-publishing. I can put up with a lot, more than the average person can. If I’m pissed enough – I’ll just go straight to the writer, virtually shake them, then offer up friends that will beta test and point out errors for them to go fix.
I have thrown a book when a beloved character dies, but never too hard, and never too far. Just enough for a slight hissy fit – not so far that I’d have to get completely off my ass to retrieve it. I’ve had to reign in my temper tantrums with my purchase of a Kindle. Can’t lose my library over Dumbledore!
Leave your best of your worst here in the comments! Interact with me, people! Let’s talk literature!