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Trying New Reviewing Formats, And Naming Them

Published November 19, 2015 by Shadow Girl

Reviewing short stories can be difficult.
It is hard to tell you about a story, and what I love about it, without posting non-intentional spoilers.
The Haiku Review is always fun, but I can’t always fit my thoughts, (and my obvious hilarity), into the required 5/7/5/ format.

Haiku Review for BECOMING... by Jacob Rayne

Haiku Review for BECOMING… by Jacob Rayne

We all know how much I adore my photo editing software, and how I try to incorporate it into my (longer) reviews. But… what about a picture in lieu of a written review altogether? (“What about a picture in lieu of a written review?”)  ::collective groan::
Let’s give it a shot!! (I already did – which is what brought on this seemingly random group of thoughts. (Watch for the review post for one of Bradley Poage’s Bedtime Tales of Horror. Gimmie five minutes!)
Do you want to help me think of a catchy tag (ie: Haiku Review)? Please post your thoughts & ideas in the comments 🙂

Haiku Review

Published June 30, 2014 by Shadow Girl

I was working on my Library Thing account, and I noticed a spot to add haikus. This is what I came up with –


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