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Gambler’s Appetite of Remorse by Sea Caummisar

Gambler's Appetite of RemorseGambler’s Appetite of Remorse by Sea Caummisar

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I could smell this story while reading it.

Very vivid details in this book, I almost puked – good job 👍
I’ve been staying away from the extreme gross-out stuff, so this was a fun escape from Coronageddon.
I love the cat running around in this story!

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J. Ellington Ashton Press – Rejection has never looked so sweet!

REJECTED is a JEA anthology for the stories that are so wicked, so gory, nasty, icky, vomitrocious, and slimy that anyone normal would reject them (and bonus stars if they have been rejected already!). These are the ones they want to show off in this disgusting book!

“We aren’t gonna be nice…you need to be REJECTED!” ~ JEA